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Hair loss.

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Hi just wondering if anyone has suffered hair loss because of RA? Or have suffered a lack of vitamin D. I started on the bio medicine 8 weeks ago however I started noticing hair loss a few weeks earlier. Iv been on a depo steroid pain relief jab every 6 weeks to help with the pain. Any thoughts 💭 welcome. K x

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If you type in hair or hair loss in the search bar you will see many have had this including me. I started taking Biotin and marine collagen capsules (recommended on here and by my niece a hairdresser) and this worked for me to get my hair back to a better place took 3 months but I am in such a better place. Hair still falling out but scalp better and not as much. It broke my heart when I started losing my hair almost a final straw moment.

My hair has most definitely thinned out with the RA and RA Medications. I am most definitely not vitamin D deficient. A couple of the DMARDS side effects are hair loss . Which ones, I cannot remember. My hair started to thin rapidly with methotrexate and more with plaquinil.


I had a spell in hospital a while back resulted in some hair loss the consultant recommended upping the dose of B12 which helped, took a while.Diet is really important I'd say for collagen natural is best. Organic bone broth is so good for you unless you vegetarian of course 😏.

Obviously stress does not help have some Epsom salt baths. Great all round.

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Thanks Millie. I’m just getting into hot bath mode with anything that helps relax lol. X

I have had mild hair loss with MTX but taking Biotin and Collagen pastilles and using Biotin shampoo and conditioner have almost completely stopped it.

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Can you say which shampoo please?

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iAce in reply to Aliceeliza

Plse see my comment on the main thread x

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DenMum in reply to Aliceeliza

I use Jason Biotin shampoo and Conditioner. Available through Amazon and Holland and Barrett if you are in the UK. I usually add some ordinary conditioner as it is a bit thin. Good luck. There are several others.

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Aliceeliza in reply to DenMum

Thank you

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Cheers. X

Hello I use the purple Organix collagen and conditioner and it does help and I also have Dose and Co unflavoured collagen peptides powder 200g, just add it to your food or drink, it is £27 for a month but they offer 10g of collagen per dose which is one of the highest and they do work, also if you subscribe with them any future supplies are discounted, hope that helps x

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Thank you iAce. I’ll have a look at that x

Low vit D was absolutely awful for me, I was just utterly wiped out, couldnt eat etc. I now take the highest dose oral spray available and feel better. Also vit B complex for energy helps. Definitely losing hair slightly more but am also on MTX, hydroxychloroquine and probably peri menopausal.. Fun combo!

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Oooh Hally that’s harsh. Yep been there thanks for your feedback. I’m so grateful that I joined this group. I don’t feel so isolated anymore. X

Hi Gingwha, I suffered hair loss when on MTX during big flare ups when I was younger but each time that resolved eventually. However, more recently, I have developed Frontal Fibrosing alopecia, caused by my body attacking and destroying the hair follicles on my scalp and also Alopecia Totalis, meaning I have no body hair. The latter started around the menopause. Both are auto immune issues in their own right and, as with my Hypothyroidism which is also autoimmune in my case, I don't think they are connected in any way to my having Rheumatoid,'s just that my body really doesn't like itself! I just hope nothing else wants to join the party! I have wigs on NHS prescription, which helps to cover half of the cost. Wigs today are petty good and I have been asked by people who cut my hair a few times because they'd like the hairdresser's phone number! Great confidence booster that was! Take care.

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Knip gosh fair play that sounds like a really fun party your having. At the end of the day it will be what it will be. Guess we just do what we can to help ourselves. I think I’ll get into hats myself if it carries on. Thanks 🙏 for replying. I did mention to some else that it’s been a great sense of comfort joining this group. Xx

Hi. Hair loss shampoos didn’t really make any difference for me and I spent a lot of money trying them. I had more success with Biotin (recommended by my rheumatologist) which stopped the hair loss caused by methotrexate after only a few months. Then I stopped Biotin after about a year and started taking a marine collagen powder which I stir into my coffee in a morning. This has really helped thicken my hair up - and my nails are much stronger too, hopefully it’s also helping my bones. Good luck with finding something to work for you but don’t forget to check with your rheumatology team or GP first 👍

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That’s great hunny thank you for that. X

I've had thinning and dryness of my hair, that I suspect is medicine related. I started taking biotin a few weeks ago and have been using Olaplex, number 3 pre wash on my hair (expensive).

My hair looks and feels better.

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Olpalex is an excellent product. I’ll look into the biotin too x

Nothing much else to add but just wanted to send you a message of support. Honestly, the hair loss was a deal breaker for me. I wasn’t getting any relief from the meds anyway and to be in my mid/late 20s and have bad hair loss was just not acceptable. It impacted my mental health and self esteem very badly. If your rheumy team are supportive, have a chat with them and be honest about how it’s impacting you, they might be able to help a little xx

My hair has thinned alot but I dont know if its RA or age.Had bone density scan a few times and twice like now been prescribed Calcichew d forte and alondronic acid

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Gingwah in reply to Fra22-57

Thanks for info. Iv have just had a bone density scan. My vitamin D levels were detect - when after 2 yrs of steroid injections I was told I should have had regular blood checks!! My levels are V low. I’m eating every veg imaginable to help boost my immune and vitamins. I’ll try theses. Xx

well I was diagnosed with PMR oct 2016, still on pred, but yes, hair loss has been an issue, now rheumy saying arthritis?? really don,t know what is going on with me, have had various issues since Jan this year, after trying to taper to 4 mg, but been back to 5mg since Feb, still lots of issues, but for sure my hair is thinning, and like straw, I am 73, though so realize texture changes with age, but would like to know what would help hair growth, going for physical to my GP next week so have lots of questions for him

Nioxin Shampoo and conditioner available on Amazon works for me. Also good vitamins, B12, and prescription-Strength Vitamin D.

I've looked at Nioxin. I don't want to take more pills. I rattle when I move. How well would you rate it? Did it take long to show any effect?

I use Plantur 39 shampoo and conditioner as I was concerned about my hair. I have been using it for about 4 weeks now and the difference is really amazing would highly recommend it. I also take vitamin D tablets everyday. Good luck.

Hi,I got RA 4 years ago and that's when my hair loss started. I thought it was the MTX, so I stopped it. To make a long story short, I tried all 4 DMARDS, and decided I wanted to stay on prednisone. I was able to wean off the pred through diet and was off all meds for 1.5 years.

Last June, I got into a bad flare. I have since been on pred again, but also gave Humira a try. After 3 months of feeling worse on Humira, I again chose to just stay on pred, currently o 4.5mg.

During the whole 4 years, my hair loss never ceased! I thought it was the meds. I have literally tried EVERYTHING a person can try: topical minoxidil, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), I already use hair supplements (HairOmega and Biosil)-they have all the ingredients necessary for hair growth/health and collagen, tea tree/biotin/caffeine shampoos, I even started using a medication called dutasteride and then finasteride under hair doctor supervision. Nothing mattered. I truly believe my immune system is attacking my hair follicles. It is not female pattern hair loss as it's thinning all over, not just the top of my scalp and why would it start all of a sudden at the same time of my RA.

I am down to 1/4th of my hair and if I want to feel like my old self, I wear very natural looking wigs, which can be very expensive but worth it if you want no one to notice. Think of it this way....if you get to this point, you can buy whatever hair you ever wanted...mermaid hair, etc.

I really hope your experience is like some others, they experience initial hair loss but then recover the lost hair. I wasn't so lucky.

Oh, by the way, iron, Vit D, Vit A, all the things relating to hair loss, are fine and well within range.

I take sulfthalazine and that can cause hairloss. Was recommended to 5mg take folic acid daily . It worked well for both my hair and nails.Just need to take it about a couple of hours after taking the Sulfthalazine has its that that hinders absorbion of the folic acid.

Hi Ginwah

MTX seems to be the one medication that most people have an issue with in terms of hair loss but unfortunately it's the best DMARD for RA and does exactly what it's supposed to. Stop Cells from growing!

I got very very scared when I saw huge chunks of my hair falling everytime I wash it and these lovely people all recommended Biotin and I'm grateful that I took it because after a few weeks I started seeing lots of improvement and I will continue taking it and Yes your diet is very important lots of Protein is needed for Healthy hair growth. Shampoo didn't really make a difference but it could help buying a shampoo that contains biotin and keratin...

Best of luck😘

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