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Copper bracelets for Rheumy pain ?

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I have seen so many people wearing copper bracelets.

Do they work for Rheumy suffers ??

Many thanks for any replies.


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No, no, no....and no.

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Deeb1764 in reply to helixhelix

Sorry this made me chuckle as I read it totally agree no................

Thank you Deeb1764HH has convinced me !

Shyandretiring not laughing at you just HH response!

Thank you HH No messin as always ! 😂

and no! 😜

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Zara0123 in reply to helixhelix

I love your replies and comments too. Always read your comments. Need more like you on this forum xx

Save your money rubbish 😒

Thank you SoundofmusicNever had such an emphatic answer


Buy a glittery bracelet from Next instead! 😁

I’m going to take a different tack, and tell you that there is zero evidence at all for wearing them other than the odd anecdotal story. There is also zero evidence for wearing magnetic bracelets, however as a relatively smart, well read bloke, I bought one. Why? Because at the time I was still undiagnosed after years, really struggling, and after much research decided that total crock (as is also the scientific case with copper bracelets) or not, I wanted a new bracelet in any event, and I had absolutely nothing to lose by buying a magnetic one. Five years later, I still wear one at all times except for showering or medical tests/procedures, because I do genuinely feel better when I wear it. It didn’t take food out of our mouths to buy it, it’s not doing me any harm, and we do have numerous studies proving the strength of the placebo effect - I freely acknowledge it’s probably just my brain making things up, but for me, that doesn’t make it any less beneficial. It’s like drinking hot squash on a cold day - there’s absolutely no physical reason for it to make me feel better, but it definitely does 🤷‍♂️

If you would buy and wear a copper bracelet just as a piece of jewellery, purely because you like the look of it, and it’s not going to cause you financial hardship to do so, then I’d actually go against popular opinion and say why not. What I wouldn’t do is buy one, or anything else in a similar vein, expecting it to do anything - if you feel like it does, take it as an entirely unexpected bonus.

Wow Thanks for that very comprehensive reply.

I agree with you that the placebo effect if it works then all good.

As a piece of jewellery I struggle with which begs the question what are the other items in the collection like 😂

Thank you so much for taking the time with your brilliant critique of the " copper bracelet"



My Mum swore a copper bracelet made her knee feel better.. hers was a fall and fragmented cartilage. Not RA.

Thank you Neonkittie17Kind regards


Seriously if won’t harm you if you want to try one. I once did briefly as someone gave me one and the bangle went green quickly and it smelled funny (the bangle, not my arm!)

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helixhelix in reply to Charlie_G

There is something to be said for placebo effect. When I really feel like shit the well renowned medical treatment of banana and custard often revives me. And if that fails then it’s chicken soup.

Our bodies, our preferences!

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Charlie_G in reply to helixhelix

It’s also well established in our house that apple crumble and custard can soothe many ills 🤷‍♂️😂 But that’s exactly my point. If the purchasing doesn’t cause you hardship, and the item (edible or otherwise) can’t cause you physical harm, I’m all for giving things a bash. Except liquid cod liver oil. That stuff was rank 👀

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helixhelix in reply to Charlie_G

I can bring myself to believe in the power of custard (even with apples rather than banana) but I can’t with copper rings. It is possibly that I so hate people that try to make money out of false claims. The greengrocer doesn’t pretend the banana is anything other than it is....

Copper rings to bananas didn't see that coming 😂

That is good! Is it made of Copper??

No, mine is magnetic rather than copper - it’s a black link bracelet made by Willis Judd: much of their ‘normal’ jewellery and their magnetic bracelets were aimed at men, but they do now seem to have a good range of women’s magnetic bracelets, too.

Does it work though Charlie

Thanks very much for your reply.

Another no here, unless you like green arms then go for it 😁

Always a silver lining !

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AgedCrone in reply to KittyJ

Plus who with RA can bear a hard metal bracelet around their painful wrist?

Same as helix. Don't waste your money.

NO, don’t waste your money!

I tried it, didnt do anything. Maybe I gave up on it too quickly. But for me I don't think it would have prevented my 4 joint replacements to date

No, my grandfather bought me one in the 1980's.

The NHS would be giving them to us cheaper than medication we’re all on 🧐

Ive grasped that straw, got a sore green wrist from the copper metal not a painfree one! Do you thing they have knee ones 🤣🤣

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