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Oxford Vaccine side affects

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Can any one help i have my rumatiod condition plus i have had a heart attack and a stroke because of a blood condition called APS i make blood clots so im on warfarin. Two months ago i had the oxford vaccine and i was ill the next day i had blurred vision i have lost all my energy im exausted and breathless ever since. last night i was taken to A& E they did tests but everything came back normal they told me i have had a really bad reaction to the vaccine and i now have to decide whether to have the second in two weeks. has anyone out there had a really bad reaction and are going to have a second jab. I have so much to cope with and im scared. I would also like to say thanks to all that replied to me before that is still on going and i see my specialist in two weeks.

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Hi , my daughter has APS. She had her first vaccine this week. She was advised that because of SPS she needed to have the Pfizer, which she did

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rose49 in reply to Oshgosh

Thanks I didn't get a choice.

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Oshgosh in reply to rose49

There 2 G surgeries within 5 miles of us.They appear to be coordinating their organisation/ vaccine allocation.

One surgery is giving Pfizer,the other AstraZenica.

The surgery where she had the vaccine is not her own GP practice.

I think you need to discuss with your GP,if he’s receptive to discussion.

I have auto immune diseases and NSIP- an Interstitial. Lung disease

I’feel unwell all the time.

I have been so frightened of catching Covid.Last year I was convinced I would catch Co I’d and die.

Shielding g etc protected me.the vaccine has given me some hope of surviving,

Please try to talk to your GP

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allanah in reply to Oshgosh

I agree this is for the medics to discuss, we are not medically qualified on this site. x

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Happy5 in reply to rose49

You can ask for the alternative Pfizer.Nowt is easy deciding what's the best to do.

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rose49 in reply to Happy5

I live in the country and we only have the Oxford vaccine but I will ask thanks.

Have you spoken to your rheumatologist...when I had the AZ vaccine they asked particularly if I was on Warfarin & said if I was I could not have the AZ vaccine.As you had such a nasty reaction do ask before you have the second jab.

I had a bad reaction & have been told not to have the second injection.

I know it is difficult.... please be careful ...I don’t think you should have to make the decision yourself about having the second jab.

If you can’t speak to your rheumy ask your GP...he should be able to find out what tests /results you had in A&E.

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rose49 in reply to AgedCrone

Thanks i did speak to my doc on thursday he said the side affects is better than covid as I have so many health issues I have left a message for my rheumy but thanks.

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AgedCrone in reply to rose49

You take care

Please discuss this with a doctor as you need proper advice.

Thanks but i have he just said i would be at risk if I don't get the second.

Talk to your doctor for full advice i think xx

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Some of the doctors can't explain to you wether you need it or not ! My mother is an 86 year young diabetic and she never too a flu shot and will not take the VACCINE AS WELL AS MYSELF AND FAMILY AND A GREAT AMOUNT OF MY FRIENDS .This is something that hasn't been FDA APPROVED. I say if you have any options look into them do your research live and learn.God is the best knower .

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panther50 in reply to Hidden

Really?! 🙄

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Hidden in reply to panther50

Yes really! God is the best knower if you're a believer!

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allanah in reply to Hidden

Brave hiding your name?? I dont mind people having opinions but i wont be trolled by rudeness thankyou . The vaccines ARE fda approved . I do not discuss religion .

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nomoreheels in reply to allanah

Come, thrown in opinion & gone. Looks like they've deleted their account E.

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Mmmmm . Nasty ...

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I really dislike the intentional use of capitals. No, politics or religion are best left off forums. I may be being controversial & I don't like generalising but those who strongly believe often don't like being questioned why it's brought into conversation on forums. Equally for those who don't, this is why it's best left unsaid, you know inside yourself if you believe so there should be no need to share it & risk overriding or taking away from the original topic.

Didn’t notice they’d replied on this thread. They were even worse on another thread in NRAS “Hidden” means admin have picked it up and blocked them. Agree CAPS quite rude & shouty. 🙁

Hi! Rose49, I can understand being worried (I am too)...As I have gotten older I react to things that never would have bothered me before...This isnt much help to you Im sure, but thought I would add it incase it helps anyone...I have a friend that has I think diabetes and some other autoimmune stuff, and she had the pfizer jab and she said it raised her blood sugar levels for quite a few days...

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rose49 in reply to dgleds

Thank you for that.

Hi. It is such a dilemma. We are all getting different advice but sadly most of it is from people without any medical expertise. I have decided to choose one person only to listen too, one that I believe is medically qualified to give me the best information available and to ignore everything else. Easier said than done I know, but all the confusing and conflicting 'advice' we hear in the media is 'doing my head in.' It is too stressful and I think stress is far more damaging than the vaccine. There is one more thing I would like to say though. If it weren't for vaccination programmes over the years the world would have been wiped out long ago. Everything in life is a risk but the choice is the worry. I pray that we will all make the right decision not only for ourselves but for the good of all mankind.

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rose49 in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you so much for your reply it has uplifted me, im so grateful to all the support that i have received from everyone and it is comforting to know im not out hear alone, as I live on my own. I will take on board all the advice but will stick with my rhumi specialist and will contact her nurse on Monday. Many many thanks x

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So sorry for all that has happen to you. In my very honest opinion before trying anything i'd get the facts especially about the vaccine just cause it work for some doesn't mean it's for you. Me personally WILL NOT TAKE THE VACCINE.I HAVE DONE MY RESEARCH AND CONTINUE TOO. I pray that you get the comfort and answers you need .

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rose49 in reply to Hidden

Thank you that is so kind.

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You are welcome i was honestly giving my opinion, but what ever opinion and options you take is up to you,so many people are offended by my opinion i give respect and i respect people's opinion be well take care and be safe

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allanah in reply to Hidden

I am offended by rudeness and capitals letters suggest shouting.

I am so sorry to hear your news. I too have had a bad side effects some of which I am still suffering 8 weeks on from my first dose of AZ vaccination and wondering whether I should have the second dose. My bloods came back normal too, covid test came back negative and hay fever has been ruled out.

I have sought advice from my GP but they seem to know no more than we do and apparently aren't able to receive any guidance from anywhere. I have now had a continuous headache for 7 days and GP unable to help me. I have no idea where to turn to for advice re: the headaches and whether the second dose will make things worse. Rheumatologist said of the patients on biologics no one had reported side effects lasting more than 3 days and none had had their second dose of AZ vaccine.

Anyone know who else we can turn to other than or GP for advice please?

Thank you

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rose49 in reply to Mistydawn

I'm sorry to hear your news as well. My family are going to pay for me to see a physio tomorrow to aliminate any neck problems with the tension of feeling so unwell. I am ringing my rhumi tomorrow as well I might not get any answers but at least I'm trying. I wish you well and thank you for replying.

Hiya Usha. Sorry to hear you've been unwell too. The general advice seems to be report side effects if they last longer than a week (headache is one, but I know you have previous with migraines). If they do then call 111 for advice. I haven't had to do this myself as I was fine so don't know what ‘advice’ is given I'm afraid. x

Thank you Paula. How lovely to hear from you! I hope you are keeping well as is your hubby? I suspect the side effects I am experiencing are a punishment for not wanting to be vaccinated, ha...x

Karma! We're both ok, we’ll h not so much but that's another story. Hope you're well otherwise? x

Take care rose49

Hiya Diane. I'm sorry to hear you had side effects, enough to go to A&E. with your condition & associated problems that must have been very worrying. It's a blessing & a curse when they say all normal, something reacted somehow. I also had the AstraZeneca vaccine but had nothing of note to report but I would say you need to seek proper medical advice, our experiences are good from the point of view of sharing but this is a serious consideration. So please, share your health history & ask a medical professional for their thoughts. Whatever is decided I hope things start improving for you soon.

All I can add here is from personal experience and knowledge, all AZ vaccine.

I had the first vaccination (I am 68) and absolutely no side effects.

My lodger also had his first (71) and had a sore arm for 2 days

My disabled friend had his (38) and had a severe headached for 2-3 days,

My other housemate (25) was really unwell for about 5 days.

In the end 4 vulnerable people are now fit and part protected, we are all due for the 2nd vaccination, 2 have had it (71 and 38) with no side effects the other 2 of us are waiting.

I cannot understand the antivaxers, it is their behaviour that will keep the virus live and mutating, that poses another threat to the rest of us. Shame on them, running around killing others and no legal penalty, yet.

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