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covid vaccination side effects


hi everyone,

currently 3am right now!! i had my covid jab yesterday and i started to feel the side effects that night, i finally got to sleep after having awful shivers/aches/nausea.

woke up around 1am sweating so bad i had to turn my fan on!! now 3am shivering again and unable to sleep!!

i have my electric blanket on and more layers of blankets, has anyone had these side effects? and how long will it be lasting for?

it’s such a privilege to be one of the first to have a jab and i’m forever grateful i’m just struggling with the side effects ontop of my pain right now!! :(

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I was like this , it’s 24-48 hours . Hopefully you will feel better soon

Focus on the privilege.......the side effects will go soon..👍🏻

I had the same but the worst passed after 24 hours. I hope you’re over it soon.

Same with Oxford AZ and those mild flu like symptoms lasted 24 hrs 🤞hopefully today you will feel much much better

thankyou i hope so too 🤞

From reading peoples posts on here I think that’s a very common side effect. Hoping you feel better soon 🤗

My flu symptoms started on day2 . Over by day 4. AZ vaccination

i’ve had AZ too, mine must have started early!! feeling a little better but don’t want to speak too soon!

just read this. i had my vaccine same day as I inject MTX and by 2am I woke feeling absolutely terrible, in bed for 2 days lasted about 4, flu symptoms, nausea, headache. grateful for having it but had to put up with side effects to have some protection. hope you are feeling better now. 😉👌

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