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Lockdown finishing is it worth it?


2nd December lockdown finishes to save Christmas.

Personally I can’t get my head around this. Lockdown straight after Christmas will be inevitable. The surge of ill people the pressure on the NHS and lives lost. I would love people to stay well and when things are settled have a bank holiday weekend and a party that we can all enjoy. Shielding people will just continue to shield except for those who have to work. I will have to go back to work on the 3rd December as my shielding cover will be finished.

Do others agree or am I just bah humbug!!!

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I agree completely but then my friends' nickname for me is "Bah humbug" because hubby and I haven't bothered with Xmas for several years now 🙄😂Seriously though, I can't see why one or two days are important enough to risk lives and I really think that will be the result.

helixhelix in reply to Boxerlady

The economy? Poverty kills people too.

Boxerlady in reply to helixhelix

I don't mean that people shouldn't give presents and have special food but I suppose that you mean that they'll spend more if they're meeting up?

helixhelix in reply to Boxerlady

Just read an article about the impact of people not buying flowers...and how much of annual income many small shops earn in run up to Christmas. So yes, it will make a difference. I’m certainly not going to go to the normal effort if it’s just the two of us.

(But maybe I’ll send my sisters some flowers today to cheer them up!)

Boxerlady in reply to helixhelix

Interesting... I suppose that I'm not the one to comment on this as I only buy 3 presents! However, I am planning to buy them from a small producer who is struggling and to spend more than usual to help him out rather than just use Amazon.

Boxerlady in reply to Boxerlady

A further development - one of the three friends (actually the one who is usually the keenest amongst us about Xmas) has just suggested that we forget the presents this year and each donate to our local food bank instead...

Ruth12345 in reply to helixhelix

On the flower front, I've been sending a few from M & S for a variety of reasons, but the times I've trusted the supermarket and added them to my order they are rubbish so stopped wasting money. I miss them in the house especially this time of year. Superficial with all that's going on, but as you mention it thought I would put my thoughts down. I feel for the industry, but supermarket pickers are not good in my experience. Hmmmm didn't realise how strong I felt till I read that back. Sorry.

You're not alone there, my hubby and me haven't either. I do send the usual Christmas cards but that's it. I have a big family and it was decided many years ago that we would not buy each other presents.

I agree with you, I will have to continue to shield, cannot risk the most likely outcome of people spreading it over Christmas period..

The greatest gift we can give to each other this year money can't buy I'm afraid.

I shall buy the presents, post the cards and get some goodies in as usual. I won't, however, be doing any mingling, visiting or going to parties. Yes, celebrate, but not putting me or mine at risk

Lack of compliance and economy have taken priority over science i think.

I agree totally. I think we have a belated xmas party after xmas if all goes well but a surge after xmas is very likely. Im tired of this now but defo wont be meeting anyone over the festive period as im still highly vulnerable. Stupid decisions but dumb people....rant over lol xx merry xmas everyone xxx

My family are planning to get together for a few hours, although we might not all have Christmas lunch together. Several of us have our own health issues / pregnancies and have not seen each other for many months as we have been very compliant regarding Covid guidance. But, for a few hours on Christmas day we are planning on getting together, it might be one larger group or two smaller groups depending on the guidance that comes forth, we will be complaint in that respect, but meeting up we will do.

For mental health sake, family and new baby bonding I believe it is worth it.

J1707 in reply to Mmrr

I do agree Mmrr that maybe for one or two days with precautions but what about the days leading up to this? People will go mad shopping and partying. I have to return to work for 3 weeks I have no choice then potentially go into shielding again. This stop and start is effecting my 17 year old

Mmrr in reply to J1707

No parties or anything else, and severe penalties on those who do. I don't think partying will be part of the agenda.But controlled meeting up is needed.

I'm really torn about this one, personally. My Mum's a widow and lives on her own several counties away from me. She's been shielding all year, not even leaving the house for a walk, and I've been similar apart from a brief spell back at work for a few weeks - no shopping, no socialising and now back to isoalting again. The prospect of seeing her at Christmas has been like a little bright beacon all year, but now I'm not so sure it's a good plan. We could drive down and pick her up, and drive her back up with us so there'd be no public transport etc involved, but even so - is it worth the risk. I'm starting to think that it isn't.

Pippy25 in reply to dawkin_S

My heart goes out to you all here. x

If you’ve not been out shopping, socialising etc and you mum hasn’t left the house in all that time I’m sure you would all be safe enough if you pick her up in the car. If you ignore the fact it’s Christmas - it’s just a case of seeing and talking to each other. If she is looking forward to it and you are too, I’d go for it. 🌲

I say that as someone who isn’t shielding in that I go out for walks but I don’t come into contact with people, so I’m very cautious- I wouldn’t say I was a recluse - maybe one step up - but I haven’t been in anyone else’s house etc and I’ve only seen my son twice for flying visits since January and that was outside in the garden .

helixhelix in reply to dawkin_S

It sounds like you are both 100% covid free if neither of you have been in contact with others. So where’s the risk?

J1707 in reply to helixhelix

My friends parents have not left the house or had visitors since March they are extremely vulnerable . Both gave Covid and have no idea how they caught it.

helixhelix in reply to J1707

Bizarre! Did anyone come to the door of the house to deliver things perhaps?

I hope they are ok now.

But this must be a very rare thing!

dawkin_S in reply to J1707

We had a similar situation, we think - I had symptoms that seemed covid-like back in April (when no testing was going on outside hospital), having not been out of the house for a month prior apart from one short walk just in my street, where we didn't encounter anyone. We had groceries/veg box delivered, so that's the only way we can think we caught it.

Amy_Lee in reply to dawkin_S

I have similar situation here. 2 months ago my mom insisted I sent her to my auntie’s home as both of them were old, my mom 86 and my auntie 90, they are the only sibling left now, there was no movement control yet then, since she would be in my car hence she would be safe.

I make it the point to call her every week. Since 2 weeks ago, she already said that her knee is killing her, it swell, warm and painful. My auntie lives with her daughter but her daughter is busy enough to take care of her own mom and she runs her own restaurant so my mom doesn’t want to trouble her on my mom’s knee.

Since a month ago, the pandemic has been getting worse here so we have movement control order therefore we are not allowed to cross different state, I can’t pick her up now and I am not sure how long this will end.

Before she went there, I already warned her on this possible movement control order issue but she insisted to go and said that she would be very healthy.

Before that I also called to inform my cousin of my mom’s possible problem and I worried she would have to trouble them if it happened. But then since my auntie insisted my mom to go live with her, so my cousin said it should be ok and she would take care of both of them and let them enjoy their life together as much as they can now.

Our decision base on our good thought to let them enjoy as much time as they can together but now I just can’t do anything and not sure how soon I could take her back.

The movement control order was supposed to end early Nov but extend to another month because covid gets worse. It continues to go up each day until now so I don’t think come early Dec the order will be cancel.

AgedCrone in reply to Amy_Lee

If they are happy together Amy...leave them to enjoy what they want to do.....they will thank you when the rules are lifted. Just because we are old doesn’t mean we can’t make decisions for ourselves.

I am in the same situation I have been shielding all year firstly because of shoulder replacement early in the year then told to shield have not seen family as they live all around the country and up in Scotland too. My sister and sister in law want us to visit their families but I am very concerned- what is the point after all this isolation? They both think I have become a paranoid agoraphobic but I am just very careful at the moment. The extremely vulnerable letters have made me even more concerned!

Pippy25 in reply to Green230461

It is so hard as there are people who are torn and like you have been shielding and are having to think of risk factors etc and then there are others who have not heeded any advice, are hell bent on having Christmas come what may and don't think of the consequences of their actions...they are the ones that trouble me. It is so hard and I hope that whatever you decide you are able to make the choice that is right for you and yours. Take care xx

I agree.

Completly agree ! It's stupid but the briefing tonight suggests that the tiers will be tougher so maybe stay at home and work from home will be in some areas. I feel so lucky not to be working, although guilty in others x

I so love Christmas for a variety of reasons, but not at the expense of catching or spreading covid. We are both shielding, family are torn as want to see us but as I say not worth it. Christmas is always at our house. Not this year. Makes me sad, but necessary for us.

I’m shielding Ruth, and have no desire to risk anything so understand you totally.

I'm torn. Got the extremely clinically vulnerable letter. Having a steroid injection next week.But my mother in law is planning a family Xmas dinner with her and her husband. Her daughter, husband and two kids. Plus me and my husband.

Its our first year married so I feel pressure to go. Plus my husbands ex kept him away from his family so I feel extra pressure too. She's super excited about it.

Do I go or not? Either way is bad.

I've been working through out. So do I go???

allanah in reply to Angjoplin

Dont be emotional about the decision. Maybe she could do a huge Easter instead. She would be unhappy if you caught the bug .... and kids have had lots of contacts. Maybe you could do dinner together but you too on zoom.... or if she lives near she could deliver dinner to you. She could step up as best mum in law by realising your safety not her feelings are the issue x

Amy_Lee in reply to Angjoplin

It is indeed a very difficult situation if the other party doesn’t see what you see. If you do decide to go, do put on your mask and keep the distance.

No J, I feel the same. Can see the bigger picture here and it worries me. 😑 x

As a follow up to my earlier post, Mum and I decided today that it's not worth the risk for either of us - so Christmas by Skype it is! I guess we decided that having taken so much care for so many months, we don't want to have gone through that and then get sick. Purely personal decision of course, I am in no way criticising anybody who comes to different conclusions. Christmas means the world to me, so this was not an easy choice at all. Hope you are all able to make plans you're happy with xx

Ruth12345 in reply to dawkin_S

Completely understand. Its looking at the bigger picture, difficult tho. Well done for getting it sorted. Stay well and enjoy your zozoom s much as is possible.

I guess we have decide what may be right for us in our given situations and also to think in time to come when we rid this virus of it's chance to infect and potentially cause harm/take the lives of those we love and care about that once we have bid it's farewell be this through vacine, treatments or other that all our Christmases will have come and then there will be time to be thankful and celebrate with those we hold dear. xx

For the first time ever I will be spending Christmas alone. I live in London and family in Yorkshire. I have not seen them since last Christmas. We’ve all agreed it’s just not worth the risk this year and will consider organising something later if we want. It’s a shame but what will be will be 🤷🏻‍♀️

we have always went to my mother in laws for the past 25 years but they are in their 70,s and have been careful, when we mentioned it to our kids 16 & 21 that we were staying at home for xmas day they were delighted , and even they can see why we are all being so careful, we are very lucky that we have not lost anyone in this pandemic and for that we are very grateful and easter will bring hopefully a big family get together, 😀

I’m with you!

Five days at Christmas, 3 households can mix, travel across whole of U.K. permitted - just a recipe for disaster!!

J1707 in reply to Eiram50

Don’t forget all the uni students coming home too.... poor doctors /nurses paramedics are not going to have good Christmas. They will be on their knees.

Eiram50 in reply to J1707

Absolutely agree.

I understand people’s

Need to see each other but this makes no sense to me at all.

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