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Abatacept Injection


Would like to know if anyone is taking the above injection for RA, at first I had a few cramps in both my legs, feeling light headed, swelling of hands. But I think my body is getting used to it.

Rhumotologist prescriped it.

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If you put that into the search box then posts regarding it will come up 😊

I don’t use this but if you are getting side effects do tell your team they are not all listed. I take etanercept and get almighty burning in the bottom of legs reported it first time it happened. It still happening 9 months later. Now they say it doesn’t suit me. They have not had anyone else report this.

embroy in reply to J1707

I used to take Etanercept, about 2 years ago, the was put on Benapali for a couple if months, no change in my health, then was put on Pedisolone, and Atropine tablets, still no change, but finally on Abatacept, swelling still on my right hand.

J1707 in reply to embroy

It takes so long to find the right drug. It drags you down.

embroy in reply to J1707

I do understand.

I am on my 4th biologic which is Abatacept. The others didn't kick in.This has changed my life really but not symptom free .Have been great til last injection.Alternate leg each week as told but right leg has been so painful even to touch.Dont know if caught nerve or something when injecting

Bessieboo1 in reply to Fra22-57

It was good to read your comments as I’m just waiting for my delivery, it will be my 3rd biologic. I’m keeping everything crossed it is going to help me as I’ve been feeling really crap!!

I’m starting this as my 3rd biologic, just waiting for my delivery. I know you have had some side effects but do you think it has helped your RA?

Abatacept is my 5th biologic. I have been on it for more than 2 years now, and although not perfect, I am better than before. Injections are painless as long as you take it out of the fridge about an hour before.....I put it in my pocket, and get it to body heat.

It has a better record than most when looking at infections. Hope it's the one for you!!!

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