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🙄update on sulfasalazine side effects

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Thank you all for your advice.

It looks like this is not the drug for me 🥺🥺. I developed a cough and burning in my chest and back of my throat then during the night my tongue was tingling with numbness then started to swell so I took some antihistamines and the symptoms improved but 4 hours later returned. Rang 911 who sent an ambulance they gave me some more antihistamines and things improved it was 7.30 am and my GPs open at 8 so they let me go there rather than the hospital. Awaiting a phone call from the Rheumatologist or his nurse. Tongue still tingling a little but feel rough and the cough hurts but my joints feel great..... sods law!

16 Replies
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Understatement of the month J! That must have been worrying, I hope you start to feel much better soon.

Let us know what your Rheumy or Nurse have to say, though I would hope we can guess. Could turn out you'd be allergic to all sulfonomides (antibiotic group) so I’d be thinking about asking to be tested or as your symptoms were such having something to make med profs aware, as well as it being listed as an allergy alert on your notes/med profs computer screen.

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Similar to what I had, I saw my GP who told me to INCREASE the dose I immediately contacted rheumatology who said stop ( I already had) and they saw me next day. I hope you find something that suits you soon.

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It's as well you took the antihistamines. Sending my best wishes to you.

Sending hugs hon xx

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Well done for taking the antihistamines and I hope that you will improve very quickly.

I didn't have much fun with sulfsalazine either ,and had similar symptoms to you and just stopped it as I'd had similar effects with hydroxychloroquine as well.

Take care .

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We could be twins hydroxychloroqine is no friend of mine either. What are you taking now? If you don’t mind me asking.

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I'm on Benepali now ( well I'm off of it for a while as I have pneumonia and pleurisy ) but I tolerated that well and it worked .

I'm being sent to a respiratory consultant as I keep get chest infections and alsorts if chest problems. I got these well before theRA was diagnosed so do not be alarmed )

I tried leflunomide but that didn't work altogugh I tolerated that well .

And no I dint mind you asking :-)

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I’m prone to chest infections as well long before RD 🙄🙄

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Very interesting , well not fun or interesting in the sense of you suffering but we are similar it seems

How are you feeling today?

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Over my reaction have been told not to take anymore sulfasalazine ( as if I didn’t know 🙄) awaiting to here from consultant. Now have a chest infection so off work for the rest of the week. Thank you for asking .

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear that .

I spent a few hours in A and E yesterday after having severe central chest pain going through to the back , nausea , severe dizziness .

One paramedic and an ambulance later and a very good A and E dr I have a reoccurring sinus infection which had gone on to my bronchial tubes , possible costocondritis or tracheitis .

The good news is that I have been back on antibiotics and I feel so much better then I did . Let's hope this lasts .

I hope you feel a lot better very soon xxx

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Another thing in common..in August I had central chest pain going through to my back called 911 they sent an ambulance 🙄

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What was that ?

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Sorry I meant what did they say it was ?

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First they said it reflux but I have been treated for that and is under control then because I felt better on naproxen they said it was costicondritis but no proper tests emailed the clinic heard nothing back

You poor thing. Glad you are Ok. Must have been quite frightening for you. I also had a very grim time on sulfasalazine. My sympathies.

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