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I’ve been on oral methotrexate for just over 3 years and gained weight immediately (2stone) start methotrexate injections 7weeks ago and have gained another 1/2 a stone. I watch my food intake and make sure I walk every day. Methotrexate injections not improving things overall

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Hi, sorry to hear about your experience with Methotrexate.

I can't tell you any good news as I have the same. I was on Methotrexate tablets for a year and I am on Metoject 17.5 mg since January this year. It doesn't help my symptoms,I still even have nausea for a day after having it.

I will follow your post maybe someone has some good advice.

I wish you all the best and hope you find some relief. 🙂

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Thank you

I was on oral methotrexate for the first 6 months after diagnosis and I put on half a stone. I came off it due to side effects. My weight has gone back down since changing dmard. Maybe it's time to discuss changing to another dmard?

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