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How far do you travel to see your Rheumatologist

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Hi all!

Just wondering how everyone manages with appointments. I currently live 5 min from my Rheumatologists office which is so convenient but recently my husband got an incredible job offer that is located somewhat remote. There’s a hospital and doctors there but I would be 8 hours from the nearest Rheumatologist and would likely have to fly out to appointments.

It annoys me to think of what Ra has stolen from me and that it affects every decision we make.

Our family would love to make this move but I hate that our lives have come to be determined by my rotten health. So I just wanted to reach out to everyone to see if it’s even reasonable to consider a move like this.

I currently get all my medications via the postal service and my current Rheumatologist does phone consultations. What other considerations should I be thinking of? Am I stuck here forever?

Thanks for your thoughts ♥️

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Ooooo a hard one. Guilt is s burden I carry when it effects my family . Husband and son very understanding but I do see their frustration even though they try to hide it. I see my husband is over worked. I use to do all the cooking and housework/ gardening. Now I barely do anything and he is run into the ground just not enough hours in a day.

How stable is your RA? Most stable people only see their Rheumatologist once a year so you could make a trip for a couple of days and visit friends etc. Will the climate suit you? It sounds like it could be a relaxing place so less stress. Happy family less stress. As long as all the above works and you get your meds why not. If your not stable and need more regular medical help it’s maybe not right for you. 🤔🤔🤔

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I assume your in the US or Canada my view is RA should not stop you doing anything so go for it. Flying to appt's does sound very glamorous and the new hospital will help in an emergancy.

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Do you know what, unless you have very unstable RA wise and have lots of rheumy appointments I’d go for it. As you’ve said it’s an incredible job for your husband and your family and you really want to go. You’ve already thought through about getting to hospital and getting your meds and phone consults so I think you would all regret it if you didn’t give it a go.

I’m planning to move out of a city where the hospital will be an hour away compared to 20 mins now. I’ll struggle with getting there and I know it’s not as far as you but RA has taken so much from me and my life that I won’t let it take my dream house now too. Sometimes you have to just do it. Go. Be happy with your family. Have a great time 😁

My gut reaction is my way of testing things. So how do you feel about the opportunity if every ounce of your being says let's do this then everything else will get sorted. Make sure you know in advance of where you can be seen and maybe call a clinic you would attend to see how they do things?? Then do a clinic before you leave so you feel everything is in a good place and JUMP (I know easy to say but)

We only get one life and sometimes a bit of h**y c**p gets the adrenaline back in the body!!

I know I am insane!

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A half hour rheumy appointment is about 8 hours travelling for me. And last appointment there were problems with trains so I had to leave at 6am for an 11am appointment, and was back at 7pm....

There is one closer, but I don’t like him. So prefer to stick with the one I trust. I’ve not had to contact her between appointments but she says she is happy to be contacted by email or phone, and will also talk to my GP if needed.

My first rheumy I loved, and when we left England that was the hardest thing about moving countries so I delayed moving. Which was stupid in hindsight as my current rheumy is fine too. Maybe I’ll never feel as positive about her as my first one, but I have confidence in her skills.

So go for it. There is more than one rheumy in the world.

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Thank you so much for your supportive comments.

The saddest part will be to leave my Rheumatologist who I love so much. She’s been so amazing. After some research I discovered that there is actually a team of Rheumatologists and physiotherapists that travel to these smaller remote towns to support those with Ra! Amazing.

My gut tells me go! My heart is there.

My Ra is getting a bit better managed than it has been so maybe the timing is good??

Thanks again

in reply to Rheumagal

Go girl x

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I’m away from home for at least two nights and the best part of 3 days when I go to my rheumatology appointments as I live on an island. Like most people living here I try to go to the dentist, hairdresser, supermarket, meet friends, see my sons and get the car serviced when I’m away. I then go home to recover ! I do sometimes wonder if I would have moved here if I’d already had RA but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

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Stephenlangtonriley in reply to Creakywrists

There was me thinking you were living on some isolated tropical island :) and then I saw you lived in the UK, hehe. It sounds like you love it though and planning everything is a habit for me as well or I will suffer and I live in London.

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It kind of depends where the job is .....Is it so remote you can’t take a trip there to investigate what is available? You say you presently have phone consultations.....could they continue? As there is a hospital there....could your rheumy liaise with the doctors there?

Would your husband get medical insurance with his job, or would you have to start paying for all your treatment? I am presuming it’s abroad?

From personal experience when I moved away from my former rheumatologist it was a 6 hour round trip back to see him.

After a year I had him refer me to a colleague closer to home as when you need your rheumy, a long drive or longer train alone was not possible for me.

I do hope you manage to sort something sounds as if you could be embarking on a lovely new experience!

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I moved a year ago.....but stayed with my rheumatology team. By road, it is a round trip of 180miles. By train and taxi it would take the whole day, early morning to evening. I do get telephone support when I need it, nowadays there are so may options to keep in touch.

I moved because it was the best decision for my family, and it sounds as if that might be the case for your family. Rheumatoid disease robs us of so much, and it can be a small victory when we make decisions in spite of it.

Whatever you decide, I hope that it goes well. I know that I made the right decision, and hope you do too.

Best wishes x

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