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Health Assessment Questionnaire - where can I download it?

I'm due to see my consultant in a couple of weeks and would like to find a copy of the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) that is used to assess function as part of the Annual Review of my RA.

It's mentioned on the NRAS website, with this photo. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of it?

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Perhaps you could ring the NRAS helpline and ask them. Freephone Helpline: 0800 298 7650

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm


Thank you for your suggestion. "Sunnyweek" found a website which included it.

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Hi Lolabridge

I came across this website for the questionnaire -

I'm due to go for my annual review on Thursday and this looks like the questions as I remember from last year. It's only my second one in over 30 years. I believe they are paid to do so now my consultant told me last week.

Hope its of help and your review goes well.

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This is just what I was looking for! It has an online questionnaire which, when you have answered all the questions, produces a score between 0 to 3 inclusive. 0 score is no problems/no aids needed where 3 is unable to do things/all aids needed.

I found it very interesting to do it now that my physical functionality has improved over that when I did it a year ago. Although I don't know what my previous score was I found myself answering most questions much less negatively than before so I assume my score will have reduced.

On the same website I also found the formula that is used to calculate the DAS28 score. As a mathematician I found that interesting!

Thank you sunnyweek.


You're welcome.

So glad to hear you have improved that is good news. May it continue.


Hiya Lolabridge. Can I ask how you intend using it should you find a downloadable copy? I may be wrong but I think what you've provided a pic of is used by medical professionals, Rheumy's in this instance. If you're able to input some details such as ESR, CRP, VAS & such you'll still need the no of palpated joints response & then using a special calculator your Disease Activity Score is then worked out (DAS). Without all the necessary scores it won't help, not to say the specific calculation to find the end result category.

The DAWN one may be useful or this more basic version of what you seek Neither will give the same (relatively) accurate reading your Rheumy will use though, but may give a close enough indication, it will be interesting to note the comparison once you've had your review.

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Hi nomoreheels

The Health Assessment Questionnaire I found on the DAWN website is an online version of the printed one shown in the photo and asks questions about what you can and can't do (e.g. wash your own hair, wash whole body, take a bath, open lids on jars, walk on flat ground, go up 5 stairs, get up from a chair without pushing up on its arms) or if you need to use aids (e.g crutches, wheelchair, jar opening devices) so is to assess functional mobility. I was just interested to see how my answers have changed over the past year, especially in the past 13 weeks since my first RTX cycle.

Yes the DAS28 score has numerical input for how many of the 28 joints it considers (not feet and ankles unfortunately!) are tender and swollen, plus an ESR score and one's own assessment of general health on a scale of 0 to 100 (where 100 is worst). The website link you posted calculates it for you if you have all the input values needed, which I don't. Because I'm a bit of a geek I've set up a spreadsheet to record all my data so I can keep track of progress and perhaps spot trends. My DASS28 score in April was 8.16 so I'm hoping to see a reduction in a few weeks time when it's redone by my Rheumy. 📉 🤞


I thinks it's ok to keep your own record, as long as you're not using the scores on the template/s as gospel & only an idea so best to rely on your Rheumy's DAS score. I've from day one kept a file, if that makes me a geek so be it! Whilst it is very helpful if you don't catch yourself it becomes your bible & comparing the two results, which may well differ, the professional one doesn't include what you are & aren't able to do fore example, that's the concern. Where I was diagnosed & for the first 5 years the DAS44 was used. It gave a far better indication of my disease activity especially as my feet & ankles are always afflicted & now on the DAS28 omitted. I had disease activity for around 3 years which was ignored because those joints weren't included resulting in being undermedicated, so even your Rheumy's calculation in some instances aren't foolproof.

A score of 8.16 is high, was that your Rheumy's DAS score?


Yes it was... and the highest he has ever recorded. I’m hoping it will have reduced when he next assesses me.

I only ever considered his assessments as a measure of the severity of my disease but was fascinated to see how the DAS formula weights the input he uses. Like you it annoys me that assessment of feet and ankles is not included as my problems with them affect my mobility significantly! I’m going to ask for either X-rays or ultrasound examination of my joints to be done soon as, contrary to NICE guidelines, they should have been done soon after diagnosis. I’m convinced that as I’m sero positive and it’s taken 15 months to start to get some control over the disease there will be permanent damage to my joints already.

I’m working on making a list of issues and questions to raise when I see him as many fellow sufferers on here have advised.

Thank you for your concern and advice.


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