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Fatigue - I’ve been so fatigued today. There’s no particular rhyme or reason for it. I have not exerted myself and my diet is good. Such a waste of a day. I have so much to do...

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Fatigue is a curse you can never second guess it

me too almost in tears at work as my intray kept getting bigger

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Please don’t beat yourself up... I used to but I now realise we must listen to our bodies.. know how you feel xx

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It’s like walking in treacle don’t fight it just be kind to yourself and go with the flow you know where we are if you need to talk xxx

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Unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast it took me a long time to understand when you feel like this it’s a warning to take it easy or like me ignored how I felt kept on working then ended up

With horrendous flares. So listen to your body xxx

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I did the same it’s just not worth it causes other problems

Listen to your body and go with the flow never fight it, you’ll only lose. It’s very frustrating when you have lots to do, but believe me after 22yrs of this rotten disease you do learn to live your life around it and make adjustments, it will pass then you can move on, keep well 🤗x

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Thank you all so much for your support. Sadly, I feel even more fatigued today. It is like wading through treacle. I’ve rested, i think I slept quite well, it just won’t pass. It’s so frustrating, deeply so. I feel like crying and crying, it’s the despair. The only thing that’s changed is that last week I injected imraldi instead of Humira. But I’ve been told the switch would have negligible effects. Sigh...

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Some have found that the change from biologic to biosimilar did not suit them. I have no idea how long you should give it before speaking to Rheumatology but all I have read on changing over does say it makes no difference. That is of course not written by anyone using the product!

But the fatigue is, for many, just RA normal.

We are not in full health. We are only keeping going due to sheer determination and the help of toxic drugs that also cause fatigue.

We must be kind to ourselves (especially when there’s nobody else giving support) and listen to our bodies.

I hope you soon can discern what this fatigue, for you, has come from. :-)

For me fatigue could suddenly come on so tired then an hour later just disappears but then I have had fatigue that had lasted months that was at my worst I just lost months of my life now know RA was not bing controlled even though I had minimal problems with my joints

Hang in in there x

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Four weeks ago I had both hips injected under ultrasound guidance with steriods as have had so much pain. I’ve been resting as much since to try to help the injections to work. I’ve not exerted myself. I feel I can hardly move. This is not right, I can’t just be like this, I have work to do... ugh

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charisma in reply to Endless

You should not have to endure such long periods of pain. That alone is horribly fatiguing.

If the injections don’t work within a few days, they likely won’t at all. I had the same in both wrists a few months ago but relief was minimal and only lasted one month.

I am on an oral steroid taper which has done a far better job. But I had to call and get the pain recognised. Uncontrolled RA had led to a big flare.

Hope you get this unrelieved pain/flare addressed soon.

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Feel for you but don’t fight it I had a bad time with fatigue a few weeks ago wondered what the hell had hit me but thanks to kind fellow sufferers on this wonderful site & following their advice got over this horrible feeling. Just make sure you drink plenty & rest up till it passes.

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The pain and disfigurement is awful but the fatigue is the straw that breaks the camels back - sleep rest have a massage that helps a little x

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it's incredibly distressing, if i don't work, I don't get paid... :(

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Fatigue is something that now comes and goes. I sometimes will just chill for an hour and get back up and moving again. That aspect of living with Psoriatic Arthritis was the most troublesome for me.

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