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Tired of sick.

I was taken off leflunomide bc of the side effects, low white blood cells. I'm not on any RA meds at this time, but taking Diclofenac for pain and swelling, duloxitene for fibro and Valium for anxiety and to help me rest.Waiting until Aug appt to see what we'll do. I'm having terrible pain in my hands, shoulders and ankles, and tired all the time. Is there anything that will truly help ease this pain? And having this pain, does this mean my joints are being damaged?

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Hi Amatrx, sorry to hear of your pain. Despite being on what I believe my 7th biologic I still do have the pain in my hands, hard to clench or make a fist as for my ankles they are turning in, sore and tender. Hard to walk. Through all that I am determined to get better. That said do try and get a biologic as underlying inflammation is what causes the damage....

The reason my change in meds is also due to my white bloods cell falling far too low. So do get this sorted, taking Ibuprofen is not enough I have learnt. Set a plan and implement it. Line up your best consultants who can work with you, that is what I have and am doing. I use both NHS and private.... Take care of you. Best, Hessie

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Hi Amatrx

OK not a Doc but after lots of years of taking doclofenic I was pushed back to nefopam one reason was Diclo is now being seen as so so bad for the heart (can agree as was getting lots of heart palpitations with it this year and the onset of RA) . As still waiting for forst consult got put on prednisone and 4 days in can feel some change. I think unless super lucky pain is something we have to learn to cope with on some level. All my pain is mainly shoulder (unreal pain ) elbows, wrists knuckles joints and starting on toes. Knees always been screwed.

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