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Imraldi - leg or tummy?

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I’m just about to change from Humira to Imraldi. I had a call today from the nurse to see if I wanted help with my first injection & she mentioned it’s better to inject the leg not the tummy? I would prefer the tummy - just wondered those of you taking Imraldi what you think? Also I hear it’s more painful as there is more to inject than the Humira. Thanks

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I took my first injection of Imraldi two weeks ago. I injected into my thigh. I found it very easy-to-use and not painful, only mild discomfort. Tomorrow I will inject into my other thigh. Good luck with your one.😂

Thank you for your reply, fingers crossed it works for you

Thanks craftsmay71. So far so good!

I use my abdomen for Imraldi rotating 4 areas - so one area only gets an injection every eight weeks. That leaves my legs for weekly methotrexate.

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That’s helpful, thank you. Do you find it’s ok? The nurse told me I may need to lay down to do it as the skin needs to be taut to trigger the injection pen?

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You can still stretch the skin standing up ....but it’s whatever suits you really.

I'm on enbrel and mtx injections. I have found that enbrel stings less if I inject into my tum. I inject mtx into my legs. Lots of people think it stings less in the tum. But, everyone is different, what works for one might not for another, think it's trial and error. Enbrel took me straight into remission and I just think if it does sting it's well worth that bit of discomfort for the benefits of the drug. Good luck.

I was on Humira injections twice a month for six months 👎increased to weekly injections 👎, did not help. I was in constant flare-ups one right after the other. That lasted for another 6 months. Saw my doc and he @greed that it’s time to change. I am presently taking the loading doses of Cimzia however I had to miss two doses due to surgery. My gut feeling is that it’s a “no go☹️.” I’m very disappointed.

The very best to you.

Wishing you all the best & fingers crossed they find the right treatment for you soon

I had my first Imraldi dose yesterday.

Nurse strongly recommended injecting in stomach, to left or right of navel and down a few inches.

She also said not to pinch skin. I must say felt practically nothing and have no bruise.

I was expecting to have a needle to push into my skin but was pleased to find it was similar to a Methotrexate pen.

No adverse symptoms so far.


I switched from Humira to Imraldi 4 weeks ago. I always injected humira in my leg, because this was much less painful than my tummy. However, all 3 injections with the Imraldi pen so far were quite painful. I am surprised to hear that many people on this thread didn't have the same experience. It feels like the imrald pen is sucking itself tighly onto my leg during the injection, whereas this didn't feel this way with the humira pen.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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