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Ra and anxiety

I find having ra has increased my anxiety, nobody around me seems to really understand how painful it is , I find it frustrating that some family members are of no support. I feel totally alone .at the moment. I’m still trying to do things I’ve always done despite the pain and anxiousness, it’s a real struggle at times doing the simplest everyday tasks , independence and confidence seem to be fading , has anyone else felt that way and does it get any better over time ?

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Hopefully as you get better disease control the fatigue becomes more controlled too.

But yes, I'm with you on not being able to cope with many things the way I used too. I was a confident, fearless, independent, try anything type, but not anymore. Even small things can throw me , I think it is part of feeling lousy a lot of the time. I've had few scary moments when I've gone out and been quite unwell and had to call someone to rescue me, so I'm a bit more cautious now. I try to accept the way I am, as struggling against it just makes me more unwell. Acceptance is the way forward rather then fighting this disease.

I have a few good people around me which helps, but have also lost a few 'friends' along the way, due in part to my inability to do what I used to do whilst others still can. But some folks just cannot deal with the chronic, ever changing nature of RD and haven't been very supportive. My mother is not very supportive either, she just doesn't understand and thinks that pushing on through is best, also queries the drugs at times.

It can be hard going, but I try to remain positive.


Dear Riddles,

I can understand how you feel. I was in that position before and almost decided to end my painful life. Then I being a mother, my youngest son was just in his first year in college, I could not end my life as he needed me to support his study. I decided to fight the disease with the help of my rheumy and physiotherapists.

I was in great pain and could not even take care of my own daily life. I was lucky that my daughter happened to come back just a month of the onset of my RA. I was relief and fought the disease bravely. She supported me, changed my clothes and put on my shoes for me. I could not open even a simple door and she was always by my side to do it for me.

I always asked my rheumy why I had been taken the DMARDs accordingly for so many months, the pain level was continued to be 10? My rheumy told me to be patient and let the DMARDs to slowly work on me. Beside MTX, my rheumy added in Arava for me, six months later, I did find the pain level reduced slowly after that. While my rheumy increased the dosage of MTX, I felt very much better slowly.

Beside taking the medicine accordingly, I also followed my physiotherapist's instruction closely and did my exercises very very slowly and painfully. The painful exercises took many many months before I could see a very little improvement in my hands.

Today, I am in remission and I am back with my normal life again.


1. Take your medication accordingly. Do not be your own doctor.

2. Do not fear the side effects of DMARDs but talk to your rheumy about it.

3. Daily exercise is a must to ensure the flexibility of the joints.

4. Do not give up!!



I can't remember if you have been taking steroids as well? I know that I get very anxious whenever I have an increased amount, quite out of proportion to the nature of the threat. I completely freaked out once having to leave my car, in a lay-by, at the side of a road. I was convinced that someone would crash into it.

And I often wake up in the night panicking, even when I'm not on an increased dose. But I probably come across as a very controlled and calm person. I do my relaxation techniques and my little bit of yoga and that helps quite a lot.


It hasn’t gotten better for me. Hopefully it will for you. So disheartening.

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please Invest In having some counciling

And also see a gp after being a self confident woman all my life I found myself giving up to the point I contemplated suicide I was put on antidepressants and feel far more balanced please seek help 🙏🙏

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Oh yes xxx v familiar. Believe me, you'll find ways of adapting & managing & being your own advocate.

Having an "invisible" illness really sucks. 7 years into my diagnosis I STILL try to do what I always did , the results are never good fatigue wise although I'm slowing acknowledging my limitations & making adjustments & you will too in time, although it may not seem possible now x

You're not alone so keep going x one day at a time xx


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