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Laura, RA newbie, diagnosed November

Just found this group and hoping to improve my knowledge of RA (which is sketchy right now).

I just had my second steroid injection (broad spectrum) to help whilst waiting for Hydroxychloroquine to kick in. I'm so happy that so far (4 days in), I'm not having any noticeable side effects. Looking forward to reading others' posts and learning, learning, learning. So a big Hello from me 👋

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Hello and what a beautiful little dog, is s/he yours ? You will find you are in good company here as there are lots of doggy people on the site, myself included although I don't have a dog at the moment.

Excellent that you seem to be doing okay on the HCQ, it will take around 3 months to be fully effective.

I'm not sure what you mean about a broad spectrum steroid injection ? The term broad spectrum is usually used for some antibiotics, were you given antibiotics too ?

Hopefully the steroids are helping you now.

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Hi, and thanks for replying.

The steroid is not a 'local' (I couldn't think of the correct term (foggy)) but now I think it might be 'systemic'??? Either way, it's meant to ease pain, inflammation etc over the whole body.

Yes my little Posie is rather a gem. I have her mum (Chihuahua) and used to have he'd dad (Poodle) however, this condition has affected me to the point where I've been unable to groom him, or provide the number of daily walks he needs to remain happy. Hence he now lives with my sister.

Posie & Pixie are happy running round the house & garden.

I'm still learning to find my way with RA. I have at least realised that the fatigue is not something I can 'push on through', not without paying for it with a flare the following day. Hey ho.

Hope your med kicks in soon and you start to feel much better. Try not to overwhelm yourself with all the info you could find straight away as you'll learn about what works for you and what doesn't in all aspects of the condition. Here there are lots of informative articles from NRAS to look and help you. Practical tips and RA/arthritis experience from lots of lovely people here who are experiencing similar, who will encourage you to feel better. People who understand. xx

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Oh thank you for replying. Yes I agree that the more I read, the more confused I can be. It's taken over a year for diagnosis and I've been pretty much in a state of denial. However, I've now thrown myself into looking after my body (not something I've had to do before).

Here we go......

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Self care is very good care! You are doing the right things. Just sometimes it takes a while to come round and settle after diagnosis. Meds might work well after a few months but the body takes time to settle to all the changes. Not to mention the mind! It took me a year. x

Welcome to the forum. If you’ve not already found it make sure you look at the NRAS website there’s loads of information on there.

Just a slight word of warning, reading the posts on here might give you a slurred image of living life with RA as the majority of people posting here are doing so because they are seeking advice / support because they are flaring or their disease is not well controlled. Most people who are doing well are busy living their life.

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