Newly Diagnosed with RA

Two days ago it was confirmed that I have RA. I was already on a reducing number of the steroid, Prednisolone and will be for a few weeks. The Rheumatologist prescribed Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine which I've taken for the first time this morning. I'm optimistic and currently have only slight pains in my shoulders, wrists and hands. I'll write on here every two weeks or so to report my progress.

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  • Hi there, i was diagnos3d in March and on methotrexate too. Welcome and good luck. M x

  • Thank you!

  • Should have said I'm also on prednisolone 7.5 or 5mgs depending and gabapentin in the mix too! Its been a tough few months but think since starting methotrexate in April things are slowly starting to improve - I sure hope so! Hope you'reddoing better too! M x

  • Sad you have RA but I'm glad that you are now getting the help you need . Do check into the site, I find it helpful X

  • I hope your start is at a snails pace Michael, very pleased they have caught it early for you. Very best of luck.

  • Hi Michael,

    It is indeed very unfortunate to be in here. However, it is a good support group for RA patients. I find the videos are very informative especially for new RA patient.

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