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I had an ongoing attack for around 5 months and by the time i saw my Rheumatologist 4 weeks ago... my symptoms were easing.

I had blood tests which showed a RF of 25.

He gave me two shots of depomedrone in the knee snd and hip.

My xrays of knee, hands, feet showed no erosion ( am assuming that means damage) but not a surprise as my pain has been in back, collarbone, arms and legs

My left lower lung is has a minor atelactasis.

He was puzzled as to why my pain has been asymmetric in pattern not following a more common route.

Im more concerned about my lung and the impact any meds will have on it. Arr there any meds out there that dont have an impact on the respiratory system.

Whilst have had no pain since the injection am feeling more weak generally - lethargic and now I need to see what I can do about my lung.

Anyone else had similar experiences


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Hi Paul 1st off glad it's settling down for you . 2nd I think when you have RA it's always going to have an effect on your lungs . I was diagnosed aged 11 with JCA . Which then went on to RA as the years past . I did the survey for the new biologics and then it was all about your lungs , i have been on them 2 years on 1 and now over 2 years with the other . But even though everyone is diffrent we know that RA will always no matter what you take or how long you have it will cos damage to your lungs . I'm now 55 and have Mixed connective diseases I.e sjogrens/Lupus/Raynaulds/C.K.D stage 3B but you just have to deal 2ith your limits I have a good support in my hubby and 2 grown son's. But do not push yours to walk upstairs if you feel out of breath or just walking always give your lungs thought when your doing things , as it's easy to just get on in life never thinking that this Rotten disease is damaging your lungs . Sorry for goin on it's the 1st time i have answered anything 😀 take care 👌

Hi Paul

I have UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) with lung involvement. The damage to my lungs has remained mild since I was diagnosed in 2012.

I was put on Azathioprine and HCQ in an attempt to get the condition under control. Aza as I understand would potentially do the least damage to my lungs, but Aza did not work for me.

I was then put on to Methotrexate (MTX). Folks can be rather nervous when you mention taking MTX when you have lung involvement. My rheumatology Prof. told me the risk of further damage to my lungs by the MTX was 2.5%. I work with stats all day so anything at or below 5% is safe in 'our books'. MTX is working for me. And now 6 years down the road the damage to my lungs remains the same as when I was diagnosed 6 years ago. No further damage has been done by either the UCTD or the medication. Long may it continue!

I was also informed that if the MTX was going to do any damage to my lungs I would no pretty much straight away. I was told the symptoms were a persistent dry cough.

By the way I too lack symmetry when it comes to any inflammation in my joints.


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TheBoys in reply to Joy_1

Thanks Joy.. thats very helpful and useful.

I m seeing my GP on Monday to see what can be done to improve the atelactasis..and then back to the Rheumatologist on Jan 8.

Have a Happy New Year


I have Cyclindrical Brochectastasis with the RA and rescue pack antibitotics meds don't seem to be a problem as the doctors do talk to each other, But now through in kidney failure and life is a bit more complicated. I take 120 of prednisole and hate the stuff, loosing weight and unable to sleep its an awful drug but has to be taken just hoping it works as next stage does'nt bare thinking about yet.

Have you had a CT scan and sputum test?

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