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Reducing Zomorph

I am reducing my Zomorph. I have reduced it from 60mg twice a day. I am now down to 40mg once a day. I thought I was doing great, I seem to be having more withdrawals than when I was on a higher amount , as anyone felt the same. I will see my favourite GP when I can get an appointment.

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Hope you get some support and advice on how to reduce safely without causing too many problems. Well done for trying to see what is an OK dose for you.


Hi Toby, unfortunately withdrawing off morphine is not an easy task. Even from 60mg to 40mg i found i suffered greatly, to the point i thought, i would go back up again just so i didn't get the severe side effects. At one point i was on nearly 600mg of Zomorph a day. cutting it in half every week was the way i managed to come off it. (I DO NOT ADVISE THAT FOR ANYONE THOUGH) Be very careful though! no doctor will advise you to do that as the physical and mental stress along with the side effects can be counter productive and also dangerous. Most doctors will advise 5mg every 1 to 2 weeks or even longer, maybe every month. Normally they will up another med to compensate for the lack of morphine in your system, but that can be a vicious cycle. I've been morphine free now for 2 years and manage my pain without morphine. They don't tell you how addictive mentally and physically it can be and i feel they give it out too flippantly. Best of luck my friend and i hope you manage to come off it eventually. Slow but steady Toby, drop the smallest amounts you can cope with and consult your doctor. best wishes dave

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Hi Toby1951, that’s good to hear! I’ve ended up on Zomorph, in a large dose after a really bad year. I’d like to reduce it, at least down to a smaller dose which will cope with the pain as well as the larger dose does now because I’ll have lost tolerance. I’ve already ditched 40 mg a day, but I am finding it a struggle. Have you any tips and how are you finding it generally? Are you wanting to switch to a less potent drug eventually or come off strong painkillers altogether? I’m due to start baricitinib shortly and it’s the first time I’ll have taken the new biologic drugs of any sort. I’m really hoping they’ll be the life enhancing miracle I’ve heard about from other people and enable me to drop strong opiates except for a small quantity to manage possible flares 😊


I have been taking 400mg of zomorph doc put it up to 600,g I am sure it is making me worse especially with tummy problems how do II reduce down please


Hi Toby it is can be hard .is it for your RA pain .alot of rumatologist have a diff view on this. When I was omitted to hospital for my ra during the night I got it zomorph did not help and next night oramorph no help was on other pain relief at time this was a sat and Sunday. On the Monday my RUMATOLOGIST went mental at doctors and said it is not for this type of pain and not to give again it was mentioned on my discharge letter also .hope you can reduce it soon or maybe come off it if you can or want too good luck


Your pal in withdrawal 😀. I too am coming down from a high dose of zomorph and I’ve suffered withdrawal terribly. Sometimes it’s my fault for using it too quickly then having none when the script has a couple of days before it’s due. My problem is mainly restless legs and recently I went over 48 hours with no sleep at all. Those two nights were hell. I remember moving from one bed to another round the house, downstairs rooms too. I ended up watching YouTube aeroplane crashes, seeing people worse off than myself seemed to help a bit!

I’m reducing by 10% a fortnight. I think a drop from 60mg bd to 40 is too much. Ask to go back to 50 and see if that helps. Personally, I got some pregabalin which isn’t an opiate painkiller but works on the nervous system and really helps my restless legs.


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