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Have I got fibromyalgia?


I know this is an advice line, but with the symptoms I have I think I might have fibromyalgia. I feel at the moment my RA is under control, but I’m suffering from shooting pains, sometimes my body feels tender to touch although not all the time. I never wake refreshed & often have had to go to bed because I’m exhausted, sometimes I go back to bed after breakfast!! My husband has remarked how clumsy I am lately & all year round I have a fan by me, I think my thermostat is faulty! (Passed the hot flush stage)

I’ve booked an appointment with a gp for next week, she’ll think I’m mad!?!?

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Good you've made an appointment. Your symptoms could be anything really so best to get checked out.

Quite a few of us seem to have a faulty thermostat! Might be an autoimmune thing?

Good luck at docs.

jane1976 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply , watch this space!?

Fibromyalgia shares many of the RA symptoms, which is why a test is necessary, in order to determine if it is one or the other...or both.

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