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Recent upset

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Hi all

Many of you will be aware that there have been some fallings out on here in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, today I have had to remove some posts about this. Setting up posts along the lines of 'I'm really upset about what happened on here recently and hope we can all get along' are no doubt well-intentioned, but unfortunately, for those involved in the previous arguments it just becomes a post where the argument is being re-hashed, as everyone goes on to clear their name and explain why they said what they did.

Please can I therefore ask you all to stop bringing these arguments up on this site. If you have an issue with anything on the forum, the best thing to do is to use the 'report' feature, so that the admins can deal with the situation.

I have had to log on here at 11pm, while I am on holiday, to post this and to remove the offending posts before this got too out of hand. I will look through them in more detail when I am back from holiday.

Victoria Butler

(NRAS Information and Support Coordinator)

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