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New diagnosis travel plans


My husband has recently been diagnosed with RA and is on methotrexate 15mgs weekly which he has been taking for 6 weeks and prednisolone 15 mgs daily. In addition to this he is needing co codamol to help with the pain.

We have a holiday booked to Mauritius in mid October . We have just come back from Menorca and his feet were quite swollen. He has had other symptoms which I feel may be side effects of prednisolone as he has been taking this for two months and is hoping once the methotrexate is more effective, he can reduce and stop the oral steroids.

We are currently a bit concerned about the prospect of a long haul flight but are just hoping things will settle down in time to allow us to go. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts/ advice.

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Get your husband to call his rheumy nurse & explain his symptoms.

Pred can have all sorts of side effects which can be easily sorted if dealt with get him on they phone on Tuesday morning.

Should be plenty of time to get back on track by October.

Declare health condition to travel insurance

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Some blood pressure medications amlodipine

Hi please make sure you have insurance to cover him I travel to Singapore and I am lucky my feet or legs do not swell up please also make sure you have a letter stating you what medication he takes, not that have been asked for it please have a nice time x

As others have said, insurance is very important as insurers are likely to turn down any (even unrelated) claim if they don't know about the new condition and medication.

Also, your husband has only recently started on the methotrexate, will be getting regular blood tests and may well have the dose increased after a few months. Make sure that he has a blood test a week or so before the holiday in case any problems are developing.

(Methotrexate can definitely work - I've been on it for ten years and it has gotten rid of all my symptoms - but people can react badly to it so the blood tests are essential.)

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