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new direction

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In refernce to my previous post I stated I have a new doctor who is an intergrated doctor an intergrated docor is a general practitioner who also has studied complementary medicine I am very happy with my treatment who started me on low dose nltrexone I have no pain no toxic side effects the only side effect is occassional vivid dreams,

What I did not mention in my previous post and this was prior to choosing my new doctor I had two knee replacements When I had my right knee done there was a minor complication and had to have a minor procedure afterwards I did walk for awhile but did not walk to well I eventully went backwards and ended up in a wheelchair I was on a waiting lit to have my left knee replaced I have since had my left knee replaced but due to spending sometime in a wheelchair I am unable to straigten my kneesso amstill in a wheeSince choosing my new doctor even though I am unable to straighten my knees I a bit more movement in my legs and no pain as stated above my doctor is starting me on another medication called dhea I will let you know of my progress

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While not all of that is wonderful news, it seems like it is overall good, so, congratulations Rocky..

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