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It's been a while since my last post, I have been hibernating whilst trying to fight heart failure. I am in horrible amounts of diuretics and spending too much time in the bathroom. Cardiologist says I am improving, but my potassium keeps bottoming out.

Now for the good news! After asking the advice of all you lovelies, I started Humira a month ago. I am pleased to report that I have not had any side effects from it, and my energy levels are coming up! My morning stiffness has gone from 3 hours down to 1 hour! My heart failure is improving and I have less pain!!!!

I am very hopeful that each and every one of you find your magic med combination!

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WOW what a lovely post darling it is so good to hear good news and long may it last for you darling.xxxxx

Mandy8175 in reply to sylvi

Thank you Sylvi! How is your battle going?

sylvi in reply to Mandy8175

Still fighting darling the only day i give up fighting is when i die. Hugs sweetie.xxxx

a bit of good news for you hope you keep going in right direction and you keep ok .have a good day

Thats brilliant news! So glad things are improving for you.

Well we're rooting for your cautiously optimistic to get more certainly optimistic.... But anything that gives you less pain sounds great news. And hope you manage to find a way to keep your diuretic issues in balance - such a nightmare juggling doses all the time.

I've not met you before as I am new here, but love your positive post and hope you go from strength to strength. Glad the Humira seems to be suiting you too!

Great news your improving keep up the good work xxx


great news ! xx

Fantastic news and long may it continue . Stay positive


That is good news Mandy, the good effects of Humira not the amount of time you're spending in the bathroom! Diuretics unfortunately have their down side. We know where all the loos are when shopping, even have to have plan our route. Have you got a Radar key? Our Town Hall provides them no charge but they're available for little money online. We keep ours in the glove compartment in the car.

I don't know what a radar key is,can you explain it please?

It's a special key that gives you access to all lockable disabled toilets, this is one

Good newsx

Glad for you. I was hopeful about humira but after only one injection I was covered in a horrible rash. Now waiting to hear from hospital. Disappointed as injection painless compared to benepali. Great you seem to be improving all over

Lloyds Pharmacy where I work sell the radar key for£4.99

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