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Still problems with the layout on my HU page

Hi there, I've still got problems with accessing my current account on my laptop and also the post/chat/home icons etc on my mobile which are vertical and are displayed over the top of other text if that makes sense. So I still can't message anyone and open the top massage received. If it doesn't resolve itself I will have to leave and rejoin the group and hopefully that could work.

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Hi do you use the app .or web site saved .i had pro woth app do not use app now.was going to say phone maybe have prob but if problems with laptop as well not so sure


Don't use the app. Seems to be since New Year and also when I went on my MacBook after a few weeks of it being out of action.

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Puzzled.have you deleted all history etc.try a diff browser just to see if the same .then it would be an health unlocked issue


I use an iPad & it seems every time I open HU it's displayed differently.

This morning I got (again) " Woops- that page doesn't seem to exist"!

Go Figure!


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