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Baricitinib Dairy continued

Here’s an update on my Baricitinib Dairy, continued from day 10 on my previous post. I’m getting there slowly but surely 😊

Day 10: 23/12/17

Exhausted. Hands very painful when lifting light objects. Started wearing wrist splints for bed.

Day 11: 24/12/17

Same as day 10

Day 12: 25/12/17

Pain eased a little. Exhausted after visiting family for Christmas and birthday.

Day 13: 26/12/17

Pain stilled eased. Had a lazy day.

Day 14: 27/12/17

Pain eased, more movement in fingers. Swelling seems to be going down slowly.

Day 15: 28/12/17

Same as day 13

Day 16: 29/12/17

Right wrist painful, think I did too much yesterday. Silly me, I should know better!

Day 17: 30/12/17

Right hand still hurting.

Day 18: 31/12/17

Same as 17

Day 19: 01/01/18

Same as 17. Can’t sleep for pain in right hand

Day 20: 02/01/18 to Day 23: 05/ 01/18

Same as day 17

Day 24: 06/01/18

Cluster of mouth ulcers on roof of mouth. Not sure if meds causing them. Right hand still slightly swollen and painful.

Day 25: 07/01/18

Same as day 24

Day 26: 08/01/18

Mouth ulcers still there. Right hand eased a lot, felt able to drive

Days 27: 09/01/18 to Day 31: 15/01/18

Mouth ulcers going and pain in hand easing.

Day 32: 16/01/18

No pain, feel human again.

Reduced pred by 1mg, will alternate between 11 and 12mg daily.

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Seems like a slow but progress, but progress it is. Keep going. All the very best.

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Thank you


That's helpful for other people to see the gradual progress that you are having.

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