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Sat dropping Quicker, RA not helping.Mattcass

Over the last two or three weeks my Sat's are dropping quicker than normal when I am mobile even short distances, I have done great since my release over two years ago without any issues at all The transplant team have arranged more walking tests for 8th Jan and need to know the results a.s.a.p. Already they have informed me that even being on the active list I will move up to the priority list which hopefully means I will get a few offers for my lung transplant. Until then I have to learn to take it easier than I've been doing. My Rheumatoid Arthritis is the killer for me constant pain 24/7 it drags you down to a level you don't want to be how my body has taken the pain and the times I've said to Fran Darling I cannot take anymore it's not a selfish act that what it does Fran holds me she know where I'm coming from and am no quitter and then I think off all the people who have got me here and that's why I am telling you lovely people out the in similar circumstances. Will keep you updated. Mattcass

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Matt and your darling Fran i so understand exactly what your saying as i am going through something similar(nothing to what your going through Matt darling) You have made it this far darling and its not your time to go yet my sweetie. My love to you both and long may it continue for you both.xxxxx


Hi Matt,I often think about you & your family & wonder how your doing. Hang on in there. A friend of mine had a lung transplant in October & she's doing great. Different circumstances, she had polio as a child. Take care x


I do know just how you feel, so sorry you are going through such a rough patch. I always think it can be worse at Christmas, when everyone expects to be happy, or is expected to be.

You have managed to get this far, with great courage and tenacity. I'm sure that you will find the resources to complete this last leg after all that effort. Hopefully you will not have to wait much longer, especially if you get priority on the list.

My best wishes to you and Fran for the new year, and I hope that you will get your transplant soon.

Will keep you in my thoughts. Mavis xx


It’s lovely to hear from you, Matt. You’ve got this far, and I suspect you’re no quitter! Good luck.


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