are one here from n ireland? were are yous all from?

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  • Hello darling you don't say what part of Ireland you come from.....xxxx

  • .

    Warm hello, Annie122! ☺️ 👋

    Here's where some NRASers are from: healthunlocked.com/nras/pos...’s-everyone-from-🙂


    HU (HealthUnlocked) has a function that allows you to connect with fellow RAers/ Autoimmuners nearby:

    People near me: connect with others like you near you: blog.healthunlocked.com/pos...

    Access People near me now: healthunlocked.com/people-n...


    Sally, 'The Galloping Grandma' is in Ireland 🇮🇪 : healthunlocked.com/cure-art...


    Wishing you good cheer, Annie122, & good luck 🍀 finding fellow autoimmuners nearby. 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Hello, I am originally from Derry but live in the UK x

  • Hi annie122 I'm from n.ireland what part are u from .

  • wat about you?

  • Im from northern ireland not far from belfast

  • I'm from bangor co.down how are u

  • hey im not too bad thanks hows you? yes its nice to see some people on here from n ireland :-)

  • I'm ok this weather dissent help with arthritis .

  • no it really doesnt how long have you had ra?

  • I've had rheaumtoglist arthritis since 1993 and anklossing spondlittis since 2000 so about 20 years I was 32 when it started how about

  • ive had ra from i was 16 im now 31 so a long long time to me lol too long!!

  • Hi Annie 122 is ur rheaumtoglist good

  • yeah how about yours?

  • Yes I'm under Gary Wright at royal hospital and Musgrave it really helps having a good one are u on anti tnf I am

  • i go to the royal too :-) yes im on enbrel what are you on?

  • I've been on them all on last 1 available secukinumab 150 mg monthly now was weekly first 5 weeks loading dose I found Engel the best it stopped working after 2half years

  • enbrel is good do you go to any support groups locally close to were u live?

  • I used to but ended up the youngest there lol

  • ah no i use to always be the youngest in the waiting room when i went to see the rhemy its embarrasing! i would like to join a local support group gonna ring tomorrow and find out about it :) it would be good to meet with others in the same boat and even meet for a chat and a cuppa :)

  • Ur right it helps knowing others that have ra where do u live

  • i sent you a private mail were i live lol

  • Who's ur rheaumtoglist.

  • doctor mc henry do you no her?

  • Can't say I do is it a registrar under rheaumtoglist. What's their first name only Gary Wright and pinkerton I know of lot new ones

  • i dont no her name lol

  • Hi Annie 122 good to hear from someone from n.ireland

  • Hallo all 'youse' out there in N. Ireland! I live in the English Midlands now, but grew up in Holywood, Co. Down. Over 70 now, but still miss the sea desperately! My mind often flies to the 'towpath' walk along the shore from home to Bangor... Best wishes everyone x

  • hey bangor has a lovely pier :-)

  • Yes it's lovely have u been to pickle it's good to poor u having it from 16 that must have been hard

  • were is pickle? lol yeah its been a tough journey how long have you suffered?

  • Pickle is were the pier is I've suffer 20 years had to isn't gp send me to rheaumtoglist as all gp give is broken I can't take lol

  • Hihobbledhoy I'm from bangor .yes Hollywood is a lovely town my mum lived in seahill and we shopped in Hollywood

  • When I was a girl, we often swam in Pickie Pool. I once raced for my club there too - did my best time ever, for it was absolutely freezing! Went out to P.P. on the back of my first boyfriend's motorbike for the square-dancing outside...

  • It's all changed now at pickle it's a fun park and pedal swans .ur brave the water would freeze u lol.

  • Sea View is a v nice spot, I used to know it well from walks to Clanbrassil. All the best. 'Bye x

  • Lovely take care x

  • Newcastle County Down! Lovely wee town. There is a lupus Northern Ireland group that is really nice people on Facebook as well. Good to keep up with things from Northern Ireland especially with the benefits are a bit different here and how it’s all handled

  • Hi I'm not far from Newcastle :-)

  • Nice up these parts, not much for support groups or anything though, and the traveling to the hospitals are a pain! Lol

  • Yes! Coleraine....you?

  • I live not too far from belfast

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