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Going to haematology doctor Monday’s so nervous!!!

Hi everyone I have RA had it for 10 + years now anyway I also have a rare illness called Castleman’s disease it affects my ligaments and tendons from neck down and my lymph glands , RA docs are at Witt ends they put me on various meds including methotrexate sulfalalazine but they have no effect on inflammation or pain (which is increasing ) so now RA CONSULTANT has referred me to haematology on Monday morning I’m sooooooo scared what if they can’t help ? What if they think I’m a fake ? What pointers can you guys suggest to make my appointment go ok ??? Does anyone feel that meds ain’t working and your getting worse. ???

Thanks for your help

Love lise78

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Hi, I’ve no knowledge or experience around this, but I wouldn’t think for one minute that they would think you’re a fake. It does sound as though they are listening to you and responding to your needs by referring you to haematology though. I hope you get the answers and treatment you need and feel better soon. Take care, Candy


You can take someone with you if that would help you feel more relaxed. Make notes before hand of your symptoms and of any questions you might have - write in detail and have them out to refer to. My rheumy is use to me referring to my notes at a consultation and asks if I’ve anything else to say/ask about if I’ve not produced my notes in our discussions.

All the best



Good luck and I am sure they will know you are genuine. x


Aw I know what you mean. Why oh why do we get nervous? Try not to over think it the docs have your best interest at heart. All the very best.


I’m so glad I have you guys to help me out you all give good advice THANK YOU I’m blessed belong to a great community like this !!! Well haematology went well he took a lot of blood and testing for everything and he’s also checking for lumps thankfully no lumps now I’ve got to go back and see him in 2 weeks he looked at my hands n feet and said my goodness they are inflamed aren’t they yep they are now can you please fix me up lol !!! He did not think I was a fake yippee!!! Thanks guys Lise78

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