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Feel like a night stocker!

I have been up for two hours already. I hate tiptoeing while everyone else sleeps lol. My mind just will not quiet.

This is largely due to biopsy results I should have had yesterday. It amazes me that doctors are so casual about these things. If they were the patients they may finally crash the fear of not knowing. I just want to get on with it. This endless waiting is so so so frustrating.

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I hope you get the results soon. You are so right. If only HCPs remembered what it is like to be the scared patient waiting at the other end, so much of the service would instantly improve. After all, they've presumably all been patients themselves at one time or another!


Hope you get the results soon, fingers crossed for you

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I really feel for you. Every minute is so long when you're on edge and waiting for results. I hope they come really soon so that you know what you're dealing with and you can relax a bit and sleep again. Hugs


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Hope you get the results soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too. x


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