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Day 2 - Continuing Naproxen

Today was my day off.

I woke up a little late but was pleasantly surprised to find my knee ache levels were low, although my fingers were a little stiff. I could follow my morning routine without pain...gripping my toothbrush wasn't a problem, walking down the stairs wasn't a chore, sitting down for my late breakfast was comfortable.

Took my Lansoprazole (30mg)...then booked an appointment to chat with my GP about the medication.

The GP advised me that I only need to take 1 Lansoprazole a day - and 2x Naprozen (To be taken twice a day with food) . So I will follow that regime until I see my Rheumatologist.

At this time, the stiffness in my fingers was gone. I felt like a normal person again, so went for a lunch at my local Italian (took my Naprozen) then headed to Holland and Barrett to see if I could take something to also aid with my joint pains (and help rebuild/strengthen my cartilage)

The shop assistant advised me to try Glucosamine - Chondroitin & MSM tablets. So bought this.

I ended up walking around for 3.5 km - no pain. I'm almost tempted to return to the gym but I will wait for the Rheumatologist to scan my joints and confirm if I have RA.

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I find the effects of anti-inflammatoires are quite fast and effective. I take a different one from you, but it works a treat most times. However, even if you are feeling better do be careful about over exercising as your joints could well still be inflamed. Walking, swimming, cycling, tai chi, gentle Pilates and those sorts of things in moderation. Running, lifting weights and heavy duty work outs - NO!

Also, stop taking the naproxen a week before your appointment so the rheumy can see you in your "natural" state.


Thanks for the advice :)

I will stick to walking for now...not risking hurting my joints until I see my Rheumy.


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