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RA in throat?

Here's a new one for me. About 2 months ago started to feel like I have something stuck in my throat on & off during flare ups and it makes me have a low grumbly voice or not much voice at all. No sores from MTX, no cold, etc. Just this weird cough and feeling as if something is stuck about halfway down. I did read up and found that there is a joint in the throat (go figure) and that RA can cause a flare up in it. It said about 1 in 3 people develop RA in this joint. That seems pretty common. Does anyone here get this type of flare? Just wondering if there is something that I can do to make it go away more quickly. It's really annoying to feel like I have to clear my throat or cough, and it affects me being able to be active because I feel like I can't quite get a good full breath in or out fast enough - like when you have a bad cold.

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Hi I have had my throat effected by the drugs. Making me hoarse and croaky. Codeine is one that does this. Also when I get a flare or bad fatigue it effects energy levels so my voice gets quieter. The breathlessness and energy zapping of anaemia can make it hard to talk loud enough. So your voice and throat can be effected for different reasons. For me it comes and goes. 😃


Sjogren's Syndrome does this too. Do you have dry eyes, or a feeling a bit lie swollen glands? SS is one of RA's best buddies. arthritisresearchuk.org/art...


Yes, both the Rheumy and I have suspected that I either have SS or some of the symptoms. I have dry eyes and do drops for them, as well as dry skin, dryness inside my nose and ears. Actually one of my ears is so dry inside & out that it peels like a sunburn regularly, even with moisturizing ointment on it every night. I will read more about it in the article you posted. Thank you for that. Instead of labeling it SS, the Rheumy just said that all of these symptoms go along with RA sometimes. I think He's just conservative about putting labels on things given that it took several years for Him to decide that it could be RA, then only about 6 months ago finally confirming that it was through MRI changes. I think He likes to play it safe and not jump to conclusions given I'm sero-negative, so He has to rely on other symptoms more.

Thank you for your advice and the link.

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Also, I recently had an attack of pleurisy....at least it felt like that's what it was. I found it interesting to read that it can be caused by Sjogren's also. If it comes back and the catch in my throat sticks around, I plan on making an appointment before my regular quarterly checkup with the Rheumatologist, just to make sure all is well as to be expected and see if there's anything He can suggest to help me feel like the inside of my body isn't a desert.

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