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Possible change in drugs

HI All Hope this finds you all in reasonably good health

I went to see my lovely Rhummy Nurse the other day. She is concerned that although my combination of meds seem to be helping with my hands and wrists my feet are still quiet tender and suggested changing from Methotraxte to Leflunomide. I have just received the information leaflet and the thing that is putting me off a bit is that it can have an effect on blood pressure. I already have stupidly high BP for someone of my age (Im 54 and developed BP when I was 50) I take meds to control it. My questions is anyone else with high BP used this drug and if so how did they find there BP coped. I did say I have this problem but she didnt seem too worried and said that i would probs have to up my BP med.


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I was prescribed Leflunomide whilst on Methotraxare and found it to be much more effective with far fewer side effects. I didnt have a blood pressure problem, but the Medicine itself was much, much better for my RA.


Hi Franpears

Thats good to know. I guess its worth a try and see what happens. Im having a bit of a flair at the moment which I think is due to a reaction to Pneumonia jab I had on Tuesday

Many thanks



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