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Could I be mistaking Fatigue For Blood Pressure issues?

About a week ago on this forum our Hairdevine mentioned blood pressure. It got me thinking about my symptoms when I get what I call 'fatigue'. I appreciate many things contribute to fatigue and I'm still going through the trial and error of managing it but it made me realise - not once have I had my blood pressure checked since this all kicked off around May. Some of my symptoms could be explained by blood pressure drops - the light-headedness etc. I'm waiting for a BP Monitor delivery just now (good old Argos lol) so will be interesting to see whether it fluctuates. Anyone else experience blood pressure issues? It's not something I've ever had a problem with and I've had fatigue symptoms since before starting medication.

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I've always had low blood pressure - only rises slightly when I see a Doc (110/60, 100/50)! lol If ever I'm in hosp I have to convince the docs and nurses that it's okay and normal for me - so I can go home - otherwise they would keep me in forever! It just makes me feel a little light headed at times, so am careful what I do when I feel like this. To me it has nothing to do with the fatigue, but I may be wrong. Sorry if it's not the answer you were hoping for. Hope you are feeling okay today. Happy Sunday! xo

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