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Methotrexate/travel sickness

I will approach a pharmacist with this question if needed, but hoping there might be some advice here.

I started methotrexate tablets last Friday (and was sick 3.5 hours later..). I go on holiday this Sunday. I usually need to take stugeron travel tablets for coach and car travel, are these ok with methotrexate does anyone know? I will take methotrexate on Friday, folic acid Saturday, then travel Sunday. Thanks

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looking it up on medicines.org.uk/emc/medici...

it looks as if it's OK, but we're not qualified here give medical advice so best to check with the pharmacist.


Thank you, I've done that now, she was really helpful


When do you take your Mtx? I used to take mine after dinner with a,large glass of water....say three hours before bed & I found I slept through any nausea. When I took more than 4 pills I split the dose to half after lunch & half after dinner.

As this was your first time of taking Mtx it could well be you were so tense about taking them you were sick with relief. If you are still apprehensive why don't you wait until you are at your destination, then take your Mtx on Sunday night? I know it will move the day you decided to take your pills, but there would be nothing worse than being sick on your journey. At least when you arrive, in the unlikely event you are sick again, at least you will be able to be sick in privatev& lie down afterwards.

You can always drift your chosen day back to Friday when you get home!

Have a lovely holiday...let us know if my cheating solution worked. I often changed the day I took Mtx, & my Rheumy was quite relaxed about it.

But do ask your pharmacist if you can take thev Stugeron.

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Thanks, I've spoken to pharmacist now and all ok. I took my dose on Friday early evening, and was ok on Saturday, so think I'll try and stick to that for now. Got a blood test tomorrow then another when I get back, so want to try and keep to schedule if possible.


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