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Ok, so you told me not to wish for pain

I'm not taking anything at the moment, the GP has prescribed Naproxen but it did nothing to relieve any pain so I stopped taking them after a couple of months, I don't like to take drugs that don't help. I had a depo steroid a few weeks ago, after seeing a private Rheumy, that took time to take effect but bang its finished now.

Whilst enjoying being less in pain I was concerned the NHS Rheumy I'm due to see in early Aug wouldn't believe me, especially as the bloods the GP took didn't show any triggers, but the pain in my ankles and feet is back with vengeance.

Walking is painful but when I get going can cope but standing still is agony, it must have looked it a nice young guy on the packed tube gave me his seat this morning. I'm sitting in the office now with me feet just throbbing and a sicky feeling.

Any advice you lovely people can give me to ease the pain until I see the Rheumy and get on some RA drugs would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and have a good day x

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Tfl have launched a blue badge which says please give up your seat or something like that....my feet hurt too much to go upstairs and find it. I got one during the trial so am not sure how you apply for them now. Similar to the baby on board badges....when I wear it people are ok about giving up their seat...usually I have to say something because they are looking at phones etc. Hope that helps a bit


Thanks, I've just gone on the TfL site and ordered one.


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