Spam message

Just got this message below. Anyone else got this crap spam??😡

TashaMedina29 minutes ago

i feel so relieve and free now after getting my cure from hsv 1 & 2. this legit, i thought it was a scam at first until i got cure through him, i want to share this to hsv 1 & 2 sufferer at there, contact me to prove to you viewers of my cure, you can be cured like me, contact me to tell you more info about doc Ken and his cure or contact doc directly to get cured

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  • I did and hope that NRAS pick it up.

  • Hi dtech

    I got this too,couldn't understand what it was all about so thought it may be a scam.

    Thank you for the warning.

    Do you think it will get picked up by someone as a scam or do we need to notify someone?



  • I got it as

  • Me too

  • Me too 😠

  • I did too - deleted it straight away as just didn't look right at all!

  • You're not alone dtech. Loads of others have received this rubbish and promptly deleted it, unread. It has been reported. However, I am concerned that this scammer has got through. I just hope my email has not been compromised. We'll see.


  • I just made a posting about this. Utterly disgusted with this fool.

  • Dear dtech,

    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will contact HU and ensure they are removed.

    You can report private messages that are spam directly to HU (and to the NRAS admins) in a similar way in which you can report posts on communities - see instructions here

    Kind regards


  • Emma-NRAS, I reported it yesterday, but I'm hoping that you recieved my message, & it hasn't gone straight back to the 'scammer'.

    Be grateful if you could let me know. 👍


  • Thanks for that Emma. Unfortunately, as I well know, you can't stop these people until after they have done it.

  • Hi Ruth,

    Sorry we haven't received any notification from you. Unfortunately spam does occasionally get through the HU filters which is why there is a report function on both private messages and on community posts. Clicking on the three dots on a message should send a message to both the NRAS admins and to HU so they can investigate and remove them accordingly.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    Kind regards


  • Well i submitted right then, so that's a relief 😄

  • Think admin are doing something about it. xo

  • Thank for the heads up, will remove if received.

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