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The story of my cRAzy Life- trying to connect all the dots and make sense of it all!

Here I am in my playlist telling the story from birth to now of how my health issues came about, I'm sure they would make a great case study for any eager beaver .....just wish I could find an eager beaver amongst my healthcare professionals who wants to make me well again.

Would love to hear from anyone going through similar my biggest issue is the very severe constant whole body rheumatoid disease that as yet I have not had any remission from, the lung disease that came with it is killing me, literally and I'm starting to feel like the doctors just don't want to have to handle my case anymore, brush me under the carpet till the next chest infection takes over me so to speak! We shall see, I'm hitting another downward trend now, I always know it's coming before it does but it's not often anyone listens till I'm in severe respiratory crisis. I will be 40 in august, I'm a single mum and my youngest two are 12 and 13, they still need me around for some time yet, so if any young student doctors with a passion for rheumatology please do check out my videos and see if you can piece together the puzzle of my medical history! Will be glad to hear from anyone :)

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