HIGH ESR-52mm/hr: Is it a Concern ?

HIGH ESR-52mm/hr: Is it a Concern ?

Hello All,

I just signed up in this community and glad that it is immensely helpful for people seeking answers/advice to the health queries they put on.

I have got one as well.

Case: There is a person (62years old) who is having high-ESR(52mm/hr). Is it something to be worried about and if yes, what can be done to bring it to a normal level?

I did a little research about this and got to know that ESR can't be the standalone test to reach a conclusion.

Henceforth, tests were done and I have attached the report here.

Can someone please look into this report and suggest the actions that need to be taken and if anything to be worried about?

Looking forward to the help.

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  • Just wondering whether it's wise to show the person's details. Might be a good idea to edit photo for online security?

    We're not medical personnel, just patients with RA and other forms of inflammatory arthritis. Even those members who may be medically trained probably shouldn't give medical advice on a forum, it's just not good practice because frankly there's no way of telling whether we're qualified or not.

    That said, the ESR is quite high. I can say that speaking as a patient whose ESR has been at this level and higher. But as for WHY it's high and why the other levels are higher or lower than average, that's not something that anybody but a doctor can tell you. There can be many reasons for raised ESR, not just inflammatory arthritis.

    What we might be able to discuss freely is any symptoms the person has and whether we can relate them to our own experience of RA etc. That can be useful as long as ultimately the person is guided by their doctor(s). I don't mean to sound cold-hearted at all, I really hope he or she is doing okay and gets appropriate treatment if necessary.

  • Thanks @postle2 I have edited the pic!

  • I can still see the details.

  • As Postle says we are not medically trained so can't give medical advice. All I know is that there are a huge number of reasons for a high ESR - and 52 is not that high anyway. It is a measure in your blood that can change very quickly as well.

    You need to seek advice from a doctor, especially as your blood sugar levels are significantly high and that would concern me more than raised ESR.

  • Thanks helixhelix for the advice!

  • I think postle has said most of what I would except that I'd be a bit more bothered about their diabetes check than their ESR level. I recently had this test to rule out diabetes (due to neuropathic problems) so did some research, as you have! I would think another test may be required but asking for more info on HU Diabetes India might be helpful healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

    The thing is numerous health issues could influence a rise in an ESR level, it's an overview, by that I mean not acute & is non specific so a further test in a few weeks or so would more helpful as would further tests, CRP, RF or anti-CCP in particular if the doctor is suspecting there's something inflammatory going on. Their ESR is only mildly elevated when compared to some of us who've been diagnosed so I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Whoever it was who ordered the tests will be able to go through the results.

    I wish whoever it is well, hopefully they won't have an autoimmune disease.

    NB if you've edited your pic the name is still visible.

  • Changed now, could you please check if the details are visible to you..

  • Yes, that's fine now. Was any of my reply helpful at all?

  • I think it depends on that person's norm. For me, an ESR of 52 would be extremely high and I would be experiencing severe pain but my norm is 5. I recently went from 5 up to 27 and was very unwell with respiratory issues. It cannot be taken in isolation.

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