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Bio Similars Video 30 May 2017

This is what I got when I tried to view this video. Have tried every which way. Another answer was the page does not exist!

I tried bith the link in the Post & via the website address.

Help! I really want to read this!

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I have just tried the link via the website and it is working. What are you trying to watch it on? Tablet? laptop? and what browser are you using?


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


See if this works Kathy


At last I can get in on this site to thank you nmh...your link worked & I have now watched the video.

I am am very grateful for your superior technical knowledge!

I'm far too impatient with all the dots & hyphens etc!

I'm on a Biologic.......successfully so far...but I do so wish there could be a cure on the horizon, rather than yet another grade of drug to try!

Thanks again!



You're welcome. 😊


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