HELP - Took too much hydroxychloroquine

I just grabbed for my morning thyroxine but managed to take 2 hydroxychloroquine tablets by mistake (400mg in total). I took my last dose (also 400mg) at about 8 o'clock last night. I realised the mistake straight away and have made myself sick but didn't see the pills. I'm worried because that's a double dose and the info in the leaflet is frightening. Should I be worried and call 111?? Help. And yes I know I'm an idiot.

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  • If in doubt ring 111 but i don't think you will have done much damage.Just be more careful darling as you can't do that too often as you will do some damage.Just ring 111 to put your mind at rest as we are not medics darling and let us know what they say.Hugs.xxxxx

  • I m not medically trained to advise, but I used to be on 2 hydroxy a day, now on one. I dont think it should be a problem as a one off, but to get peace of mind then I would get advice from a health professional.

  • Call to put your mind at rest.

  • 111 just for peace of mind - the worry will be no good for you! And no you're not an idiot just a foggy-headed RAer! And why are you guys up so early on a Sunday? Me - I'm off for a 3 day spa visit cos the other 1/2 has gone on a cycling trip and I can't cycle much now cos my blepharospasm goes mad with all that breeze and hedge rows flashing by (I'm fine on my static bike the RA doesn't mind a gentle spin - in fact I should do it more often!) . Anyway a girl has to celebrate another 1/2 term's teaching completed some how!

    Have a good sunny Sunday if you can


  • I've been up since 4am - that was a good night, for me!

    Enjoy your day Ali. I'm off to Budapest in a few weeks and soooo looking forward to it!


  • Yes me too, I was up since 4am, a regular thing for me. Once I wake up it's hard to go back to sleep again. So I get up have a cuppa, read my book.

  • I'd phone 111 and ask them or phone emerg Dr's x

  • My daily dose is 2 a day, when did you take your previous dose? Maybe skip today's dose so that you do not over do it, does your rheumatology team run a help line. Jx

  • Call 111 for ease of mind. But as the others say shouldn't have caused much damage.

  • Best to check it out. Am I right in thinking that there were 8hrs between the double dose?

  • Make the call, but 2 tabs is a common dose, ease your mind in that there's unlikely to be any harm down. Very unlikely. You need a medical professional to easy your mind and confirm that, but I take 400mg per day, and have changed from night time dosing to morning dosing, with no problems. But it does also depend on your body weight, and many other factors. Make the call, and be reassured. And then give yourself a break. This chronic stuff is not easy, and mistakes are so easy to make. Take care of you x

  • Your not an idiot - just human! I would call for advice just to put your mind at rest. I'm sure you'll be fine x

  • Understandable & you were right to be anxious, there was a post on here a couple of yrs ago where a woman took 2 hydroxy & then forgetting that she'd already taken 2 took 2 more. She went to A & E where they took it very seriously indeed. After reading that I always very careful when taking mine. But yours were 9hrs apart so sure it was fine & as you say lesson learnt.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I've actually decided not to call 111 which goes against everyone's advice but I worked out that it was actually 9 hours since my last dose and I don't think I would have kept much of it down after making myself sick a few times (far too much information sorry!). I feel fine and am sure it's all ok. Just me being dopey and anxious at 5am. I've learnt a very valuable lesson and won't make this mistake again! Am feeling suitably sheepish.

  • Hi, Probably so many replies already and I'd hate to overload you with conflicting information but here's my ten penneth. I have been on Hydroxychloroquine for thirteen years and was always on 2 x 200mg/day, it was only when I asked my consultant if I could reduce as I hate the idea of so many drugs floating around my system. Following on from his approval I tend to switch between 1/day and sometimes 1 alternate days with two on the other day, or even just stick to one a day. I really wouldn't worry upto 2 tabs. I would be much much more careful on things like Methotrexate or Enbrel injections when it comes to too much, as for too little I have gone without these kind of drugs for anything upto two weeks, any longer and you may have trouble re-introducing it to your system and it being effective.

  • Hi glad your feeling OK, I dispense meds into little glass jars and paint lids in different colours with name on top in felt tip, red for the most lethal LOL, its not for me as I only take statin but for my other half who takes 5 different ones daily and was always getting wrong one or could not remember if he had taken one.

    Now there lined up in his tub and he just has to open jar(could be plastic tub) and done

  • I'm on loads of tablets and my chemist makes them into blister packs...... saves my wrists and fingers xxx

  • Glad you're ok. Must all have been a total nightmare for you. I bought a pill dispenser box from Amazon and once a week I put all my pills into a box for each day. This one has spaces and you can split them into different times of the day if you need to, I just cut the blister pack and put one of each pill in the little box for that day. Or you could ask your pharmacist about the blister pack system someone mentioned.

    In theory that should work - apart from 'human error' like when I went away earlier in the year and realised I'd missed one of my pills out!

    Some years ago when a friend of my son was lodging with us and his IBS was flaring up so I said to help himself to my buscopan. Fine until I discovered that he had actually taken my lisinopril! Talk about panic. In the end, we just all sat and looked at him for hours and crossed our fingers. He was ok though. When his partner found out months later she was not at all impressed, especially as by that time we could and we were all laughing about it.

  • Hate to be a worry wart but, having talked to a pharmacist friend, it would be better to get a dossette box (spelling?) from your chemist. It's a free service. My friend said that if something awful happened - heaven forbid - your drugs might not be easily identifiable by doctor/nursing staff at a hospital and so slowing any help you may need. She felt quite strongly about it. Just a thought. Hugs


  • It is a thought and I hadn't thought of that. There is a card inside where I'm supposed to list what I'm taking and I used to do that but I'm on a second box and I've not filled in the details so with your advice in mind I'm going to do that today. Thank you for the reminder :)

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