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New to Abatacept

Morning everyone,

I am just about to start on Abatacept. So far nothing else has worked so fingers crossed for this one. Will be home injecting along with MTX as was already self injecting Embrel along with MTX so not new to injections, and its a long round trip to my local hospital for an infusion. Can anyone give any heads up or advice on Abatacept. Thanks.

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Took a long time to work enough for me but great now - it was the introduction of hydroxychloroquine at 6 months that made the extra difference. Between the hydrox and Abatacept my white blood count and neutrophil are down below the lower range figures but my body appears to cope with it and no illness or infections. It was because of running out of drug options that they allowed me to continue with lower blood levels but all good 3.5 years on. Farm


Thanks for this. I am "sort of" looking forward to getting started. Just waiting on my new injections to arrive.


I have been using abatacept for close to a year with no issues whatsoever. The only thing I can say is that it took between 6 and 7 months to really make a difference..

I hope this one works for you!


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