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Morning all - quick question. I am now on something called 'shared protocol' between the rheumy at the hospital and GP. My GP now handles my prescription and I have blood test forms from both GP and rheumatologist. The blood tests form are for the same tests. I am working on the reasonable assumption that I only need to get myself stabbed once a fortnight but can anybody tell me if the test results are transferred automatically between GP and hospital? It is the same health area. I have tried ringing both GP and hospital but, know how that went.

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  • I presume you mean your Rheumy decides on your medication , your GP issues your prescription, but your rheumy is still responsible for deciding what medication you take?

    Your rheumy will have told your GP your treatment plan so try asking the Practice Nurse as it should be in your notes....alternatively ask the phlebotomist & she will ask the Rheumy if it's not been noted. It is noted on the blood test form to whom the results should be says " Copies to" somewhere on the form...your GP name might not be there...just the Practice number.

    I was on this protocol when I started on Leflunomide. I stayed on 2 weekly blood tests for ( I think) about 2/3 months, then as the tests showed the right results my Rheumy changed me to monthly tests.

    Again your Practice Nurse should be able to advise you....but of course if your blood tests don't show the right result you will have to be reviewed before having longer between tests.

    Hope this helps.

  • Shared protocol means exactly that .its a fair way to the hospital for me .so i get my blood forms off my doctor .and the results go back to him .but the hospital can access my results on computer .when my rhuemy nurse or doc needs more they give me a form and i get them dine .you don.t need ti be stabbed twice for the same thing they all can access results .x

  • Hi Rob, even under shared care, not all GP surgeries and rheum clinics are able to access the same system. You need to check to see what the status is at your hospital.

    This is for a specific NHS trust but the general principles apply;

    Hope this helps!

  • You'll only need to use the one form. The way it works can vary depending on the protocol of the hospital but you'll soon find out when you have your next drug monitoring bloods taken. I don't have a paper request sheet for example as they're ongoing tests.

    My results are sent electronically through to my GP Practice & are written in a book I was issued with & which I retain at my next bloods. This means the results are a month in arrears but as they're sent through a day or two after the lab's processed them if there are any abnormal results the nurse who takes my bloods calls me so I'm aware & if I need to do anything about it. It's my GP who reads them & nurse who calls if it's necessary.

    You'll be on fortnightly blood tests until it's known you're stable, then probably monthly then maybe even longer if you're stable after a year. You'll also have fortnightly tests if you have a dose increase until you're stable on your new dose them you'll revert to monthly.

    You'll soon get in the swing of it.

  • This is what OH has. In our area the hospital can't see the blood test results. You need to get them written in your book and take them when you go to rheumatology.

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