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well 4 weeks after knee micro cartlidge opperation

none load bearing for 6 weeks its impossible have you evere tried cleaning your teeth with crutches its impossible and dosnt half make your arms and the better knee from hurting through to much hopping about.

Been using exersise bike for 4 times a day to round the scab off and doing my exersises the more i do the more aches i get and sweat just pumps out of me in bed at night again everything wet through especialy the back of my head.

befor this opperation i could get 2 miles walks in now nothing and i feel like my bad leg is longer than other and still my feet go cold and then at night red hot its like nothing i have experienced before IF I THOUGHT IT WAS BAD BEFORE IT BAD NOW WITH A CAPITAL B at least it felt like i had a bit of lubrication in that joint I sould have never everer have had this done cos the size of the microfracture is on the limit of maximum and i still have the little lumps in the hands i can grip and everything but they can get aches from them sometimes The crutches also make you shoulders ache after a good day out like yesterday im falling to bits

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If it helps, I had micro-fracture surgery on one knee years ago by aSwedish professor who is a world-authority on sporting injuries. He told me that cycling is fine, but absolutely not to run/ or twist my knee but straight-legged weight-bearing is good. Also, very importantly he said that for any leg injury, whether ankle, knee or anywhere in fac. The priority is to strengthen one's hip muscles. It is your hip muscles that stabilise you when walking etc. So ever since [ years now] I do hundreds of hip exercises per week, A physiotherapist can tell you what ones to do. It worked for me and I returned to cycle-racing after the surgery, without any knee discomfort. Hope that this helps?

Nil desperandum!


hi hawk ive been doing this but ankle feels like its going to break out now side leg lifts ive been doing what size was the fix you had mine is 2cm square on mine and at this moment i wish i had left well alone i could do 1.8 miles with not much pain but now cant even walk without my crutches and it feels like one leg is longer than other is all the pain is to one side of the knee the outside and it like twists if you try to put load on it THE frightening part is cold feet and blue toes that go red hot at night Have you experienced this when you had yours done.


Your certainly going through it aren't you x


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