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A funny take on dealing with RA

How I deal with my RA

I'm not like Jake the Peg

With the extra leg

But I too go

Diddle iddle iddle um , as

My right foot goes straight

But the left turns left

I needn't search

For sewing accessories

My fingers are already

On pins and needles

You nasty pink onions

You have met your match in me

I shall not shed a single tear,

'Cos, My eyes are

As dry as the Thar

I have no need

For a heater in my room

My entire right leg

Is on fire, to keep me warm

When the pain numbs my will,

I could kill my self


Oh, I don't need a gun

I have my trigger finger.

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That's a good way t look at it xxx

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Love the poem one way to describe RA

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Oh Padram that is a beautifully crafted poem and describes things beautifully. Hugs



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