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Previous blood tests

I'm new here and trying to establish if I have RA. I've just been diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism and my mum and her mum have / had RA.

I've got some blood tests booked for Wednesday but I've had these results in recent times and wonder if they are relevant...? There's nothing really major that sticks out but given my symptoms could I be subclinical or on the edge of showing clinically?

1) White Blood Count (10*9/L, range 4-10)

Jan 2017: 9.9

Nov 2016: 9.6

June 2014: 6.9

2) C reactive protein (mg/L, range <12)

Jan 2017: 9

Nov 2016: 15 (I did have a cold at this time)

June 2014: 5

3) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR (mm/h, range 1-12)

January 2017: 20

Nov 2016: 30 (I had a cold)

June 2014: 9

Thank you

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Pretty normal to me. My doctors don't worry about WBC unless it drops below 4, and consider CRP under 20 is ok and ESR under 30 equally ok. Which is a nuisance for me as my levels are naturally very low.

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