Not Fair 😕

My RA is out to get me, my MS is behaving, I've a few days off work but my hands and feet are really bothering me.

One day it will all work well at the same time.

Thank you all for letting me get that off my chest.

Happy Easter everyone.


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  • Like having twins! When one behaves the other is naughty ! But you manage all the same.

    Enjoy your Easter too xx

  • Yes it would be great if this disease toed the line

  • You are too polite. Your post should of said


    I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you the most chocolate. You deserve it.

  • Just not fair, these deceases like to keep us company. All best wishes and and a very Happy Easter. X

  • I can relate strongly to this post. Autoimmunity is a kind of bullying I feel and there's only one way to approach bullies and that's to not give in to them! Have a lovely 🐣🎁 🍳 on me please!

  • Thank you all for all your replies, this is a great place to talk to people who really understand the frustrations caused by these silly autoimmune conditions.

    My friends sympathise with me but don't really get it, I am glad to have found this place and the great people on it.

    Thank you.

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