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I am having my first tattoo on Saturday. I have RA. Has anyone else had a tattoo while on methotrexate. Am I taking a risk?

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  • If the place where you are having it done has very good hygiene standards and you make sure that you are scrupulous about looking after it then should be no different from a graze....? I garden a lot and constantly have cuts & scrapes, and as yet have never had a problem.

    However, it really depends on you as well, so if you do get infections easily then maybe need to think about it.

  • Thanks for your reply Helix. I get cuts etc from gardening also, and don't get infections easily, but just worrying because methotrexate lowers your immune system. So suppose a small tattoo isn't very different from stabbing myself on the brambles etc.

  • Methotrexate lowers your immune system, but it doesn't knock it out. It's often described as a compromised immune system rather than a suppressed one. Although of course depends on your overall health too. It has a much smaller effect on your immune system than biologics do.

  • It is required by law in my country (and I'm sure in your country) that all tattoo stores use an autoclave to sterilize their needle machine & gadgets....having said that, make sure when you get your tattoo that the artists opens up a new bottle of ink infront of you.

    When the autoclave became mandatory in my country, a tatto artists used leftover ink as ink is expensive. People got sick, some got hepititis and aids....So make sure the ink has a seal on it before you allow anyone to tattoo you. All the best to you :)

  • Sadly Tattoo parlours do not seem to be very well inspected here. A young relative got a nasty infection & is now saving up to have the tattoo removed ...I gather removal is more expensive than actually getting the tattoo in the first place!

  • I take 25mg methotrexate and had a large tattoo done 3 weeks ago. Healed in 2 weeks with no problem.x

  • Hi

    I would not contemplate having a tattoo when on immune suppressant meds. Too risky in my view - sorry

  • Have had 4 cover ups done since being on mtx if looked after should have no problems get a good moisturiser to help with tats

  • Hi, I am on enbrel and methotrexate and had a tattoo on my ankle done a few years back now. Mainly cos I felt a bit rebellious and fed up with my illness. All good 😄

  • Thanks everyone for your responses, I suppose I am feeling rebellious at getting older and having this disease. Will have my small tattoo on Saturday.

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