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Back from attendance meeting

Hi got back from my meeting 14.15pm

When I got there they said they wanted to sort out amendments for work the manager read out all that the occy health had written about not walking half to one mile from my home and have my calls closer together she said I would work 5days as usual give me 3calls get the bus from my house and walk the bus stop from there to my first call which would be 1mile then my second call which would be 2miles and my last call would be an other 2miles how is that helping me she said she would send my dso walking and see how far it is and how long it takes and if it was that far they might pay for taxis I don't think that will happen for one minute wait and see eh they had done the mileage by Google maps unreal my husband said Google maps is done where the crow flies he said my Union rep should know that if he did he never said I didn't know as I don't drive I will let you know what the outcome is


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Well I'm glad it's over xx


Glad you had the meeting and hope you get things put in place. I'm still waiting for my meeting. X


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