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Update re research

I had an appointment with the research team 2 doctors and a research nurse on Thursday who clarified all my questions. My DAS score was 4.8 this week so has increased from last week.

Had a thorough assessment which took 3 1/2 hours.

Ultrasound showed some bone erosion in both wrists and possibly signs of nerve compression.

Ultrasound was an extra not part of research

Had X-ray feet hands and right knee.

CRP 8 ESR 23

I'm waiting for a call to find which arm I will follow.

2 arms - randomly selected

standard arm will continue as usual with consultant and GP as usual for the next year.

Intensive arm-intensive treatment and monthly review with research team. Treatment will be for a year only and will be taken off even if there has been improvement over to the year so back to square 1.

I will keep you updated as I may withdraw if not randomly chosen for the intensive treatment arm

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What would be the point of withdrawing? It will make it impossible to assess the intensive treatment if the control group all drop out. Or will you be able to do something different?

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Dear Matilda7

I will not withdrawing from the the research lightly as I agree with what you are saying but it will also depend on my ongoing treatment if I am randomly chosen for the standard treatment arm as I am really struggling at work as my RA has mainly affected my upper limbs especially my wrists and hands. During the course of my work I need to do a lot of handwriting. I have already reduced my hours and there is talk of reducing further if I take too much time off sick. I've taken 4 weeks off already this year due to my RA. Therefore I will need to see what's best for me.

Matilda x


What do you loose, if you go with it as presumably, you can withdraw at any time. And it sound interesting to simply have a go.

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