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December I had an appointment with my wonderful rheumatology nurse, I was in a lot of pain & it was decided that I met the criteria for Humira,went down with the dreaded flu early January, when it finally went I realised I had absolutely no pain or swelling! At my appointment 20th January to finalise the dose etc, nurse was amazed &I no longer needed ANY meds😀 Now in March it's come back, possibly because my mother died in February & I got really stressed, can't get an appointment until end of April, has this happened to anyone else on here? Thanks for reading this. Gillian.

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I really feel for you don't worry keep pestering them just because you felt better does not mean you don't have arthritis. My daughter was diagnosed at 16 with anklosing spondylitis and she still has not been treated with anything like humira methotrexate as the reason we got was she is young. She now is 29 and has had the house adapted instead of treating her disease she's having to live as a person who can't lift anything or cook for her self as her hands have carpal tunnel. You stay positive keep ringing the secretary of your doctor up and ask to be put on the emergency cancellation list I'm sure you will get see sooner keep me posted


Thank you Rokia,it must be so hard for your daughter,have to say my rheumatology team is very good, I prefer to see the nurse as she seems to know more about "me" than the doctors! I will probably give her a call tomorrow,I think if I have a steroid injection it will be enough to damp down the symptoms until I see her in April, just that the funeral is in just over a week & my stress levels will soar?

Really hope your daughter gets the help she deserves & needs. X


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